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What Weber Charcoal BBQ is right for you? | The Original Backyard Grill | Endless Possibilities


Get ready to ignite your taste buds and elevate your outdoor cooking game with Weber's sizzling selection of charcoal BBQs! From the entry-level Weber Compact to the top-of-the-line Weber Kamado, we have the perfect grill to help you unleash your culinary creativity!

Weber Compact Kettle

Weber's entry level Charcoal BBQ, but still better than those Charcoal BBQ's that are a big homestore that create their own brand BBQ as it has Weber's Warranty and a porcelain enamel lid and bowl that won't rust. - Shallow lid - No Lid thermometer - No One Touch Cleaning System

Weber Bar-B-Kettle

Better than the Compact because it has the exact same features;as well as: - Deeper Lid - 3 bowl Air vents

Weber Classic Kettle

Better than the Bar-B-Kettle because as well as the same features, it also has: - Lid Thermometer - One Touch Cleaning System - Charcoal Fuel Rails which can be used should you wish to use the "Indirect BBQ Technique"

Weber Original Kettle

Pretty much exactly the same as the Classic Kettle but with a slightly deeper Ash Catcher

Weber Original Kettle Premium

Better than the Original Kettle because it has all of the same features, as well as: - Hinged Cooking grates which as good when wanting to add fuel or wood to your BBQ, without having to take the grates off - High capacity Ash Catcher that contains ash and means you do not have to clean it out after each BBQ

Weber Master-Touch 5750

Better than the Original Kettle Premium because it has all the same great features, as well as: - Gourmet BBQ System Grates, that allow you to replace the middle section with an array of GBS accessories. - Charcoal Fuel Holders which are easier to use that the Charcoal Rails, allowing you to change between direct and indirect cooking much easier. - Integrated Lid Holder; makes sliding the lid off your BBQ really easy

Weber Master-Touch 5755

Better than the Weber Master-Touch 5750 because the cooking grates are Stainless Steel, instead of triple plated

Weber Master-Touch Premium 5770

Superior to the Master-Touch 5750/5755 because it has: - A Hinge Lid that is easy to open and close - A Diffuser Plate and Charcoal Ring, which allows you to set your BBQ up for Low N Slow BBQ, perfect for briskets, ribs and Boston Butts

Weber Master-Touch Premium 5775

Pretty much exactly the same as the Weber Master-Touch Premium 5770 but with: - Porcelain enameled cast iron grate - incredible for searing steaks - Rubber soft touch handle ash catcher handle

Weber Summit Kamado

Not just the best Weber BBQ but probably the best Barbecue on the market. This can do a quick steak to perfection, roast your Sunday lunch or hold heat overnight when going low n slow with briskets and Boston Butts. This is Weber's take on a ceramic Kamado, but with a dual steel wall that holds air between the walls, you have "better than ceramic" heat control. The Summit Kamado is a Weber Master-Touch and Weber Smokey Mountain rolled into one.