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Weber Master-Touch GBS Premium SE E-5775 Charcoal BBQ 57cm

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Treat your friends with memorable steaks.  Upgraded with a Weber GBS porcelain enameled sear grate, a lid hinge, Stainless Steel GBS Cooking Grates, iGrill Ready bracket, and versatile diffuser system - this top-of-line 57cm Weber Charcoal BBQ is the essence of convenience, quality and great taste. 


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Our entire business is built around the fact that we are the only online retailer who sell Weber BBQs and no other barbecue brand.


Buying Weber means buying quality - backed up with a warranty on everything. Starting at 2 years as a minimum and going up to as much as 12 years 

Weber Master-Touch® GBS Premium SE E-5775 57 cmThis new ultimate 3 in 1 BBQ has heavy duty Stainless Steel GBS Cooking Grates and a hinged lid. You can Grill, Roast and Smoke.

The ultimate 3-in-1 Weber Charcoal Grill - for grilling (direct), roasting (indirect) and smoking (low & slow)

New for 2019
, the Weber Master-Touch Premium 3-in-1 BBQ is the benchmark for charcoal barbecues. Enabling you to do everything from every day grilling to slow roasting to smoking. So whether it's a midweek steak or a low 'n slow authentic brisket that you're after, you can achieve stunning results with this BBQ. Want to master it all? this is the grill for you - the Mastertouch premium.

Weber say, Treat your friends with memorable steaks. Upgraded with a sear grate for creating impressive sear marks, a lid hinge, stainless steel GBS cooking grate, iGrill Ready bracket, and versatile diffuser system - this top-of-line 57 cm charcoal grill is the essence of convenience, quality and great taste.

Let's Talk Features
Hinged Lid - Spring-loaded for ease of use and easily removed for when using a rotisserie.
Char Ring & Diffuser System - For serious heat control inside your barbecue; easily set up the fuel for your various cooking methods - perfect for slow cooking at low temperature.

Improved Bowl Venting - Featuring a new dedicated setting for slow cooking and smoking (controlling air flow to regulate heat).
iGrill Ready Bracket - Simply add an iGrill 2 or iGrill mini and use the app paired with your phone for serious control,
Stainless Steel GBS Cook Grate - The latest and best version of the Gourmet BBQ System which features a removable central section which can be easily replaced with any cooking tool from the GBS range which includes pizza stones, woks and much more.
In addition to the new features, this BBQ is also packed with all the aspects you know, love and expect from a Weber Charcoal BBQ like the MasterTouch.

- Charcoal BBQ: use all types including briquettes & lump-wood
- Comfortably serves 4-6 people
- 57 cm hinged GBS cooking grates
- Porcelain-enamelled lid & bowl for weather proofing
- Weatherproof handles
- Integrated tool holder
- Airflow vents on lid and bowl for maximum control
- Removable ash catcher for easy and safe cleaning
- One Touch Cleaning System
- Weber "all weather" wheels
- Lid thermometer integrated to display BBQ internal temperature
- Weber® Charcoal Rails Included

Weber have come a long way since the original BBQ kettle of 1952
The new Master-Touch is a best in class product and offers everything you could possibly want from a traditional charcoal grill.

Weather Proof Design
The Weber Mastertouch is the ultimate freestanding charcoal barbecue; effortlessly stylish as well as fantastically practical - no back yard cook will ever be the same again. The bowl and lid are made from porcelain-enamel coated steel, protecting the barbecue from corrosion and ensuring it will last for years to come. The barbecue is mounted on two durable, rubber moulded, all weather wheels, allowing the grill to be easily and safely manoeuvred around the garden.

Effortless Cleaning
The steel One Touch cleaning system makes tidying up after a cook a doddle- simply move the blades around the bowl via the handle and collected ash falls into the enclosed ash catcher below, ready to be removed and disposed of cleanly. The high capacity of the ash catcher means that you spend less time cleaning and more time grilling.

Complete Control
Mounted in the lid is a handy temperature gauge, meaning you can adjust fuel levels and air intake to cook your food perfectly in a controlled manner- no more cremated ribs.
The air flow is controlled by using the one touch blades and the rust proof air vent in the lid, giving you complete control over the temperature inside.

Integrated Tool Holders
The glass reinforced handle on the bowl includes tool hooks to keep utensils at a handy distance whilst cooking. The handle is also weather proof.

Cook Anything - Grill or Roast
The Mastertouch is perfect for both direct and indirect grilling, and comes with two Charcoal Rails to allow you to separate the coals to create different heat zones.

Generous Capacity
The large 57cm diameter cooking area is big enough to cater for a family, triple plated for durability and featuring hinged sides which allows you add extra fuel whilst cooking; without needing to remove the whole grill (and the food) to do so.
One size fits all
A great barbecue for everyone - novice, experienced and pro grillers: the Mastertouch is sure to be a stylish and well used addition to your back garden.

Weber 10 Year Limited Warranty
Bowl, Lid & Centre Ring - 10 years (no rust/burn through)
One-Touch Cleaning System - 5 years (no rust/burn through)
Plastic Components - 5 years (excludes fading/discoloration)
Charcoal Grate & Cooking Grate - 2 years
All other parts (legs, base, triangle, ash catcher, wheels and vents) - 2 years

Dimensions - H x W x D
Product: 100 x 65 x 76 cm
Weight: 24kg
Box: 41 x 64 x 64 cm
Box Weight: 26kg

Product Code: 17401004
Barcode: 0077924085451
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