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Weber Smokefire Pellet BBQ EPX6 Stealth Edition

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  • 36" GBS Wood Fired Pellet Grill
  • Temperature Range 95°-315°C
  • Ready to cook in just 15 minutes
  • Weber Connect technology (includes one probe)
  • Includes Weber Crafter Grilling System
  • Temperature Control from your Phone
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Weber SmokeFire EPX6 Stealth Edition

The all new Weber SmokeFire EPX6 Stealth Edition. After the launch of the Weber SmokeFire success and great feedback Weber present the improved Stealth Edition. A brand new look with revamped features to bring you the best pellet smoker yet!


Key Features�

- 5 Year Limited Wantonly
- Black Trim - Side Table, Handles and lid fixings
- Integrated Weber Connect technology - Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity - alerts for step-by-step barbecuing
- Night Time lighting illuminates the entire grilling area
- Sliding 2nd cooking level.
- Side prep & serve table
- Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
- Weber Crafted Frame allows you to use Crafted Range and GBS range Accessories
- 10kg High Capacity Hopper
- Easy cleaning Grease Management System
- Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars
- Porcelain Enamelled Lid and Cookbox
- Easy Start up, Technology brings temperature up gradually
- 2 tool hooks
- 45cm x 91cm Cooking Grate
- Control the temperature from your Smart phone

Your complete Pellet Grill. The Weber SmokeFire EPX6 Stealth does it all - Sear, Smoke, Bake and everything in between!

Weber have revamped the SmokeFire into the slick, new and improved Stealth Edition. All new black trim gives this pellet grill a contemporary look with blacked out Handles, Side Table, Lid Trim and Wheels.

The lid and cookbox sport a porcelain enamelled finish that improves heat retention for those long cooks making it more efficient. This also extends the life of your smoker as this will prevent rusting.

Smoking for hours can mean your cooks stretch into the dark evenings, the new SmokeFire is equipped with a unique under the lid lighting. This new built-in light feature illuminates the entire cooking grate for night time grilling!

The versatility of temperature 95-315°Cmeans you really can Sear, Smoke and bake on this BBQ. This allows you to cook anything from a whole lamb, smoked pork shoulder and tomahawk steaks to stone baked pizza, stir fry, and crispy chicken wings! Through the Weber App or with the Weber Connect control you can adjust the temperature of the SmokeFire EPX6 Stealth Edition.

In addition to this competitive temperature range the SmokeFire Stealth Edition comes fitted with the band new Weber Crafted Grilling system - a wide range of accessories covers all your cooking needs. See the range of accessories below!

The Weber Smokefire Stealth Edition is equipped with the Weber Connect technology, an integrated smart hub that syncs up with your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. This incredible new system features some seriously sophisticated software. (Please note the Weber Connect App is only supported by the latest version of iOS and Android devices. For example, manufactures such as Huawei and Xiaomi are not supported by this App as they do not run of the latest version of Android)

Another improvement Weber have added to the Stealth Edition is the hopper safety. While still being the high capacity 10kg(22lb) - a new grate sits at the top of the hopper to prevent any unwanted objects or hands entering the chute. This hopper also includes a low pellet sensor to alert you when you need to top up your pellets to keep cooking!

Included on this smoker are premium Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars these are designed to last! The Weber Flavorizer bars sit straight above the burners - they get extremely hot so once fat hits them, it vaporizes that fat and turns it into BBQ smoke - this is where the BBQ flavour comes from. Fat that doesn't vaporize is guided by the shape of the Flavorizer bars down into the Grease management System and into the catch pan for easy disposal.

We think this is probably the most low maintenance smoker ever created. Fat from your food is funnelled via their patented Flavorizer Bars into a removable and disposable foil drip pan. This is unique. Typically, fat drips down and simply pools at the base of a pellet smoker, this grease coats the base of your smoker and combines with ash to form a horrible thick sludge, often only partially funnelled out into an bucket which hangs on the side of the smoker a very inefficient system indeed.

With two tier cooking you can cook for a sizeable event, the EPX6 has a main cooking grate and and sliding top tier grate. Total cooking area is 6,370 sq. cm.

Weber Crafted Accessories

Upgrade your BBQ experience to use the all new accessories. The Weber Crafted system has been created to improve the functionality of your BBQ by increasing the area in which you can use these accessories.
Make use of the Wok, Roasting Basket, Baking Stone, Flat Top, Sear Gate as well as all the GBS Accessories. Make use of the new larger accessories to enhance your Grilling system and cook everything on your smoker.
SmokeFire EPX6 Dimensions:

Product Open Lid:

157cm x 140cm x 84cm

Product Closed Lid:

119cm x 140cm x 84cm

Product Weight:

Product Code:

EAN Number:

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