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Weber Gas BBQS

Weber Gas BBQS

Whilst it's hard to beat the fun of cooking over charcoal, there are many advantages to a gas BBQ, primarily convenience. You can fire up and be ready to cook on a Gas BBQ from Weber in a matter of minutes. Inclement British weather is no match for the firepower of a Weber Gas BBQ which makes it an attractive choice for use all year round.


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From the new Weber Traveler which allows you to take home quality gas grilling with you no matter where you go, this BBQ is engineered to give you maximum fuel efficiency and an innovative design which means you can fold up your BBQ and take it with you through the toughest terrains. The Q series offers solutions to gas grilling at home and on the go, from the Q1200 which is perfect for throwing in the car and taking it with you on your weekends away to the Q3200 which is the perfect BBQ for those looking for a stylish 2 burner BBQ to cook for family and friends.

Whether you fancy a perfectly cooked whole chicken midweek or a succulent joint of beef for your Sunday Roast, with a Weber Gas BBQ you can easily create delicious dishes. A three burner or larger gas BBQ like the Weber Spirit, Genesis or Summit BBQs allows you to cook via the indirect method with your lid down, controlling the temperature inside with a level of ease and precision that would ordinarily demand a great deal of skill and experience on a charcoal BBQ.

Weber have introduced cutting edge technology into their Genesis range with the EX-315 and EX-335, and Spirit range with the EPX-315, and EPX-325S (new to 2021), which feature smart grilling functions powered by Weber Connect, giving you notifications and step by step assistance while cooking. With the added versatility of the GBS system there is no limit to what you can cook on your BBQ - who would have thought you could cook a stew on your BBQ using the Weber Dutch oven, a Thai curry or Chinese stir fry with the GBS Wok, a full fry up with a GBS Griddle or perfect crisp Neapolitan pizza on the GBS Pizza Stone? The options are endless! 

At the very top of the range we are pleased to offer the Weber Summit BBQ, a six burner grilling mammoth. Stunning in stainless steel or classic black, with a built-in infra red rotisserie system perfect for cooking a leg of lamb, beef joint, or even the Christmas Turkey. All Weber Gas BBQs are supported by the Weber 10 year limited warranty. 

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For assistance choosing the right BBQ for you and more information on this range (and all others) you can always pick up the phone and speak to a Weber Expert here at WOWBBQ - 0208 829 8849.