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The Weber Pulse Electric BBQ comes in two sizes, the Weber Pulse 1000 and the Weber Pulse 2000. This stylish and powerful Weber BBQ is perfect for those of you not allowed to use a gas or charcoal BBQ on your balcony or terrace.

The Weber Pulse 1000 produces 1800 watts and is perfect for direct grilling e.g. Steaks, Burgers, chops and bacon. The Pulse 2000 on the other hand has two heating elements producing 2200 watts and they can be be controlled separately by 2 control knobs. This means, by turning off one of the heating elements, you are able to cook or roast large joints of meat indirectly.

The Weber Pulse BBQ comes with Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron cooking grates - these are fantastic for searing your meats and producing incredible char lines. These dense grates hold extremely hot temperatures and more importantly the heat is spread evenly, reducing the risk of cold spots in the BBQ.

In 2017, the UK market got its first taste of the Weber iGrill range - a great way to be able to assess the ambient temperature of the BBQ and also the internal temperature of your meat. This works in conjunction with your Smart Phone and Tablet and takes the guessing out of BBQ'ing. The new Weber Pulse range comes with an iGrill already integrated - determine the temperature you want of the BBQ and the Pulse will automatically set the BBQ to your desired temperature.

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