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The Weber® Lumin BBQ range is new for 2023.  This powerful electric BBQ packs a punch and can reach a hot 315C for high heat searing.  At the other end of the scale, it can sustain temperatures of 70C, perfect for keeping your food warm, or even defrosting.


The stylish and sleek look of the Weber Lumin would fit into any trendy area, especially those restricted to using open flame BBQs, like an apartment block or restricted area.  Don't let that make you think that this BBQ won't produce incredible BBQ flavour - it will and this is produced by fats that drip through the cooking grates, hitting the heating element - vaporizing that fat into smoke that infuses into your meat, thus producing the BBQ flavour that we are all craving for.



The Weber Lumin Grill is compact and space efficient, making it easy to stow away for your next BBQ.


You will be able to sear, smoke (we can't wait to replicate our Weber Pulse 24 hour brisket video) or steam with various cooking settings.  This Weber BBQ will be able to do more than you could possibly imagine.



Weber Lumin comes with porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates, perfect for searing steaks and easy to clean.  The front accessed grease tray makes cleaning this BBQ an easy job and one that's not going to make a mess of your decking or patio.



*LUMIN is a trademark of Weber-Stephen Products LLC and is the subject of pending registrations or applications in the United States and other countries.