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If you've purchased a Weber Smokey Mountain cooker then we're sure that it's your pride and joy, and that you know it's worth protecting from the elements. Although all Weber barbecues are weatherproof, it's always a great choice to use a cover to keep your smoker looking as good as the first day you bought it.

With Weber Smokey Mountains, however, there's an added incentive to keep your smoker covered - as the lip of the lid rests within the body of the smoker (as opposed to outside on other charcoal grills) in order to keep all the smoke generated inside from escaping. This is great for retaining smoke, but the design means that water can easily run into the chamber if the smoker is not kept covered. It's for this reason that Smokey Mountains ship with a free cover included.

However, if your cover's seen better days or has been lost, you can purchase this essential accesssory from us at WoW BBQ.