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Weber Summit FS38X Smart Black Gas Barbecue

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- Black Porcelain Enamel Finished Lid and Cabinets

- Integrated Weber Connect Technology with digital temp control

- 5 Digitally Controlled High Power PureBlu Burners as well as a Sear burner that provides an extra large zone for searing multiple steaks

- Infrared Sear Burner

- 2 levels of cooking grates

- Integrated Rotisserie

- Stainless Steel Cooking Grates with CRAFTED and GBS ready frames

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Our entire business is built around the fact that we are the only online retailer who sell Weber BBQs and no other barbecue brand.


Buying Weber means buying quality - backed up with a warranty on everything. Starting at 2 years as a minimum and going up to as much as 12 years 


In 1999 Weber launched their top end gas barbecue, The Weber Summit.  This came in above the popular Weber Genesis BBQ and would become the biggest and best gas barbecue in the market.  Fast forward to 2024 and nearly 10 years since the Weber Summit's last update, Weber have given their premium grill an upgrade. 

What makes the Summit better than Weber Genesis?  The Weber Summit is a different beast and includes all the bells and whistles - it is bigger, heavier and includes many more features and is made superior materials, such as rolled 9mm Stainless Steel cooking grates, soft-close cabinet doors, digital temperature display and control panel, illuminated night time cooking area and a large stainless steel preparation table.  

The Weber Summit FS38X Gas Barbecue has an enormous cooking area with the expansion of its predecessor's warming rack.  The primary cooking grate is 4400cm squared and the new warming rack can be doubled up as a secondary cooking area that is 2400cm sq.  9mm Stainless Steel grates is not something afforded to any other grill in Weber's lineup and these are exclusive to the Weber Summit.  These high-grade grates are superior to anything else - you will achieve restaurant grade char lines and be able to easily maintain your grates too.  The grates are sat on Weber's CRAFTED frame, which means that you can replace one part of the cooking grate with various Weber CRAFTED or Weber GBS accessories, such as the pizza stone, griddle flat top, poultry roaster, Dutch oven, wok or vegetable basket.

This Weber BBQ comes with 5 burners plus a sear burner which provides an area of intense heat, perfect for searing multiple steaks. Each burner is powered up by a button and can be controlled digitally.  A second sear zone is also provided above the cooking area with the help of a high-heat infrared burner.  This has been designed for a rapid sear that helps caramelise your premium steaks.  The infrared burner's heat can be adjusted and the grates raised or lowered into 3 different levels depending on what you want to sear.  The idea of a burner coming from above, is that grease is below the flame so this will reduce flare-ups.  There is space to sear 2 sirloin steaks underneath the infrared burner.

Stainless Steel PureBlu burners ensure the BBQ has a controlled and consistent temperature throughout the BBQ.  Above the burner tubes sit Weber's innovative Flavorizer Bars, already used in the Weber Spirit and Weber Genesis Range.  Not only do these stop grease and fat from clogging up the burners, but when fat hits these red hot bars it is vaporized and turns into smoke, which infuses into your meat - this is how barbecue flavour is achieved, even on a gas bbq.  

Precise temperature control is easy - turn on all the burners and you have a power packed BBQ that can achieve temperatures around 350°C, perfect for direct cooking across the cooking area.  Fancy going low and slow?  Feed your integrated stainless steel smoker box with wood chips and turn one burner on low to achieve temperatures perfect for low and slow cooking perfect for brisket, pulled pork and racks of ribs.  Built in Weber Connect Smart Technology means you can control your BBQ's temperature from your phone!

The new Weber Summit can house up to a 13kg Patio Gas bottle inside its cabinet, thanks to a gas bottle sump.  Each Weber Summit comes as standard with a hose and regulator to be used Patio (Calor) or Leisure Gas (Flogas) - see our article here for more information.

Assembly is easy as this BBQ comes nearly fully assembled.  Most of the work will be unpalletising and taking it out of its packaging.  You will also have to attach the side tables.



Key Features

- Built in Weber Connect Smart Technology
- Button Ignition and digital controls
- Premium materials

- PureBlu Burners
- Above infrared Sear Zone 
- Cooking Grate Sear Zone
- XXL Prep and Side Table
- Side Hob - free up space on your grilling area and saute and heat up sauces over your side hob
- Built in smoker box
- Weber CRAFTED and GBS ready
- 9mm Stainless Steel Grates
- LED Motion Sensor Grill Surface lighting
- Soft-close cabinet doors
- Built in Tool Holders
- Enormous Cabinet storage, perfect for a large patio bottle and various Weber Accessories
- High Power - 27kWh
- 15 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Information
Product Code - 1500059
Name - Summit® E, Black
EAN - 077924990243
Cooking Area Size - 6800sq. cm
Power - 27kwH




Boxed - 132(h) x 180(w) x 69(d) (cm)
Boxed weight 112kg





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