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Angus and Oink - Glazed & confused 300ml
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Angus and Oink - Glazed & confused 300ml

Product Code: GLAZED300

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Features include:

  • BBQ Sauce
  • 300ml
  • BBQ glaze for pork shoulder, ribs & chicken
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Use this sauce in combination with our Porky White Chick rub or layer with Moo Mami to enhance the umami effect. Smoke your meat low and slow or hot and fast to get the desired colour on the bark. Wrap the meat in foil or the equivalent peach paper to cook down the flavours and tenderise the bark. Add the glaze towards the end or even add some into the foil juice for maximim impact. Open uop the foil 30-40 mins before pulling from the smoker and add layers of the glaze that tacts up and makes the meat such a sticky delicous affiar.

Get all saucy and Glazed and Confused as you taste this for the first time. You'll never be a Blue Pig again. You'll be GC.

The Flavour

Sweet and Smokey!

Angus and Oink Says...

This BBQ sauce has been in development while we have visited The American Royal, worked with BBQ Teams such as Miss Piggy's and rocked up to BBQ Competitions across Europe and the UK. We took the best of the best and made them better.

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