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Weber Charcoal Grate
Go-Anywhere Charcoal

£ 12.59

RRP: £14.99
Weber Charcoal Grate
Smokey Joe

£ 16.99

Weber Cook Grate
Smokey Joe

£ 18.70

RRP: £20.78
Weber Cook Grate
Go-Anywhere Charcoal

£ 25.19

Weber Go Anywhere® Gas Lid

£ 39.99

Weber Traveler Cooking Grate Set
Fits Weber Traveler BBQ

£ 79.99

Portable Spares

Does a job

Weber grills are known for their longevity, and this is a trait which has been carried over into their portable ranges. The portable ranges will provide you and your family with grilling satisfaction for summers to come, so it's only natural that you may need to replace parts to keep it at its best. Whether it's new cooking or charcoal grate or a lid handle, we have the parts you need to keep cooking.

To find out which parts fit your barbecue, first you will need to find the serial number of your grill. This is two letters and a series of numbers and can be found on a sticker on the barbecue or on the front of the owner's manual. Then input your serial number here to find a complete list of the parts which make up your grill.