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Weber Sponge
Pack of 2

£ 3.14

RRP: £3.49
Weber Microfibre Cloth
Polish Enamel & Stainless Steel Surfaces

£ 3.41

RRP: £3.79
Weber Grill Brush
12" Bamboo

£ 7.36

Weber Cast Iron Protector

£ 7.73

RRP: £8.59
Weber Stainless Steel Cleaner

£ 9.99

RRP: £11.19
Weber Enamel Cleaner

£ 9.99

Weber Q & Pulse Cleaner

£ 9.99

Weber Cookbox Scraper
Essential for Q Series

£ 10.07

RRP: £11.19
Weber Grate Cleaner

£ 10.07

RRP: £11.19
Weber 46 Cm Bamboo Grill Brush

£ 11.51

RRP: £12.79
Weber Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit
Brush & Scraper

£ 12.14

RRP: £13.49
Weber 46 Cm Detail Brush
Narrow & Precise

£ 13.49

Weber Cleaning & Care

Everything you need to keep your Weber BBQ looking shiny and new

For those looking to keep the outside of your grill looking majestic all year round, Weber offer some fantastic cleaning products, all sold online at WoWBBQ.

Expert Tip - don't clean your BBQ after you use it, only clean it before you use it the next time. Yes, you read that right - once you have finished with your BBQ, turn it off and leave it. Fats from your previous BBQ act as a lubricant and protect your cooking grates from things such as rust. Once you go to use the BBQ the next time, get the heat going and close the lid. Old fats will burn off and once carbonised, clean away the carbonised fats with a brush.

Click on the video link below to watch how to clean the inside and outside of your Weber Gas and Charcoal BBQs.