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Weber Lighter Cubes (17945)

£ 3.95

RRP: £4.29
Weber Drip Pans - Large (10)

£ 10.07

RRP: £11.19
Weber Premium Lighter

£ 10.30

Weber Instant-Read Thermometer
Best Seller

£ 20.49

RRP: £22.79
Weber Chimney Starter
Fast & Easy Way To Light Your BBQ

£ 20.96

RRP: £29.99
Weber Chimney Starter Set
Fuel & Firelighters included

£ 23.00

RRP: £33.99
Weber Flat Top Durable Spatula

£ 30.00

Weber Griddle Basting Dome

£ 34.99

RRP: £46.49
Weber Griddle Starter 3 Piece Set

£ 41.84

RRP: £46.49
Weber Premium BBQ Gloves
Size Large

£ 46.74

RRP: £54.99
Weber Premium BBQ Gloves
Size Small-Medium

£ 49.49

Weber Butcher Paper

£ 54.99

RRP: £69.99

Weber Charcoal BBQ Must Haves

Once your Weber Charcoal Barbecue has been delivered and you've assembled it, what else do you need to make the most of it? Look no further- here we have all the essentials that you could possibly want.

An absolutely crucial item that no charcoal barbecue owner should be without is the Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter - the absolute easiest way to get charcoal or briquettes lit, the chimney starter holds the fuel vertically so a small number of lighter cubes can start a large amount of fuel quickly. The chimney starter also encourages airflow around the fuel, meaning you can typically cut ignition times in half. Cooking without one just doesn't make sense.

Beyond the chimney starter, you'll want to keep your barbecue looking as good as it does on the day you first use it, so Weber's range of cleaning materials comes highly recommended. Long handled T brushes are perfect for brushing down the cooking grate after you've superheated the grill and burnt all the food residue off, whilst Weber's enamel cleaner will keep the outside looking shop bought new.

Whether you've just invested in a Weber charcoal grill or have had one for years, the essentials will make sure you use your grill to the fullest.