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Weber​ Smokey Mountain Cooker 47cm Cover

£ 62.99

RRP: £69.99
Weber​ Smokey Mountain Cooker 37cm & Cover
Bespoke Smoker

£ 299.00

RRP: £389.00
Weber​ Smokey Mountain Cooker 47cm & Cover

£ 349.00

RRP: £463.00
Weber​ Smokey Mountain Cooker 57cm & Cover

£ 499.00

RRP: £559.00
Weber SmokeFire EX4 (2nd Generation)
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel GBS Grate

£ 1,099.00

RRP: £1,579.00
Weber Smokefire EPX4 Stealth Edition
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel GBS Grate

£ 1,664.00

RRP: £1,894.00
Weber SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Generation)
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel GBS Grate

£ 1,664.10

RRP: £1,899.00
Weber Smokefire EPX6 Stealth Edition
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel GBS Grate

£ 1,740.00

RRP: £2,099.00

Weber Smokers

For those in the know...

Grilling is one thing, but real authentic barbecue requires good cuts of meat slowly roasted with wood smoke infusing authentic flavour into your cooks. Achieving this is possible on standard barbecues, but if you're going to take smoking seriously, you need one of the following Weber Smokers, from WOW BBQ.


Discover the Weber Smoker Range | Why Weber? |


Weber's specialist smoking range takes flavour to another level. This unique cooking experience delivers more tender meat and bolder flavours.

Master-Touch Premium

The MasterTouch Premium is a great BBQ for those looking to Grill, Smoke or Roast. It's a "Jack of all trades."

The Master-Premium comes with a charcoal ring and diffuser plate that can be used in tandem to keep direct flames away from big cuts of meat and to keep the temperature down, ideal for smoking.  

In 2021, this was our most popular charcoal BBQ.

Don't fancy smoking, then unlike the Weber Smokey Mountain, you can also Grill steaks on this too.

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Weber Smokey Mountain

The specialist Smoker in the Weber Smoker Range.  The Weber Smokey Mountain is perfect as a plus one to your regular BBQ that you use for grilling.
The WSM comes in 3 sizes - 37cm, 47cm and 57cm. The 37cm is good for a novice who just wants to try their hand at smoking a few sausages or small cuts of meat. The 47cm is good for most and can smoke medium sized beef briskets, a few racks of ribs or even 8 whole chickens. The 57cm is perfect for those feeding an army - normally purchased by caterers. 

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Weber Summit Kamado

This is WoW's favourite BBQ and in our opinion the pinnacle of real fire Q'ing. The Summit Kamado, is Weber's answer to the ceramic grill.

Why is it better? The air insulated walls means that temperature control is easier on this than any ceramic kamado. Get to temperature and let the Weber Summit Kamado take it from there - with one chimney of charcoal, you can expect to run this BBQ at a constant smoking temperature up to 18 hours.
 This can grill, roast and smoke and comes in two versions - the Weber Summit Kamado E6 is a standalone BBQ or the Weber Summit Kamado S6 which is built into a Stainless Steel table, with a handy gas ignition.

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Weber SmokeFire

The Weber Smokefire offers you all the convenience that you expect from a Weber Gas Grill or Electric BBQ but it also provides you with all the smokey flavour of cooking with wood.

The Smokefire is built for convenience, plug it in, add wood pellets and set your temperature and you can produce incredible low and slow food hassle free.

With a temperature range of 100C to 300C, you can smoke, roast or grill on this fantastic BBQ.

Review video (2.38)

For assistance choosing the right BBQ for you and more information on this range (and all others) you can always pick up the phone and speak to a Weber BBQ Experts here at WOWBBQ - 0208 829 8849.