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Weber​ Smokey Mountain Cooker 37cm & Cover
Bespoke Smoker

£ 299.00

RRP: £345.00
Weber​ Smokey Mountain Cooker 47cm & Cover
Bespoke Smoker

£ 359.00

RRP: £395.00
Weber​ Smokey Mountain Cooker 57cm & Cover
Bespoke Smoker

£ 445.00

RRP: £495.00

Weber Smokers

For those in the know...

Grilling is one thing, but real authentic barbecue requires big chunks of meat slowly roasted and smoked, so that the fats slowly melt and infuse flavour into tender and delicious meats. Achieving this is possible on other barbecues, but if you're going to take smoking seriously, you need the to buy a Weber Smokey Mountain from WoW BBQ.

The WSM includes an internally suspended water pan that acts as both a heat regulator and a moisture generator, meaning it's incredibly simple to keep the temperature in the 'smoke zone' for hours at a time.  This results in slowly cooked, juicy meat. The Weber Smokey Mountain also features a  door for refueling during long cooks, a large lid thermometer, and dual level cooking grates to give you the maximum cooking capacity. The Weber Smokey Mountain is available in three sizes: 37cm, 47cm and 57cm, so there's a Smokey Mountain for everyone.

Perfect pulled pork, brisket, ribs - they're all easy to master with the Weber Smokey Mountain. Just don't let anyone into your secret!