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Weber SmokeFire EX4
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel GBS Grate

£ 1,189.80

RRP: £1,468.95
Weber SmokeFire EX6
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel GBS Grate

£ 1,549.00

RRP: £1,731.45

Weber Smokefire

Weber SmokeFire Wood Fired Pellet Grill

The next generation of grill does more than grilling..

Weber is renowned for producing the very best in Charcoal, Gas and Electric BBQs, and they have taken their time to assess the Pellet Smoker market before unleashing their take on the wood fired pellet BBQ. This is where the Weber Smokefire EX4 and Smokefire EX6 come in.

This revolutionary wood-fired pellet smoker can do it all. 24 hour smoked brisket or high-heat seared steaks, the versatility of this grill is clear. Pre-heating in minutes, the EX4 has the same cooking area as a Spirit 3-burner, while the EX6 has a huge cooking area equal to that of a Genesis II 4-burner. Reaching up to 315c, you can get real smoke flavour into whatever you decide to cook.

The Weber SmokeFire Grill is one of Weber's smartest BBQs yet; stacked with the latest tech to get your cook perfect every time. Built in Weber Connect means you can monitor your cook remotely while receiving notifications when it's time to flip your food, and even when to refuel your smoker. 

Weber's GBS grate system means you can expand your skillset using the full range of Weber grilling accessories.

Key Features

Side Handle

Easy Clean

Rear Vents

9KG Hopper

Dual Grilling

GBS Grates

Flavorizer Bars

Locking Castors

Choose the right Wood Fired Pellet Grill

The Weber SmokeFire The Competition

✔️ Low Maintenance Cleaning

Bucket-free, easy grease & ash removal via the SmokeFire’s internal ash & grease collection system. Out of sight with an easy-clean drawer.

☹️ Grease bucket

We suspect you might not want a dirty grease bucket hanging off the side of your BBQ. This unsightly feature is often unstable and just the right height for a dog to drink from.

✔️ More than just Low n' Slow

Reach a seriously hot 315c, a wide temperature range provides the versatility to smoke a brisket or sear the perfect medium-rare steak.

☹️ Poor temperature range

Many pellet grills are designed for smoking but lack the power to sear so you wouldn't be able to grill a burger or a steak. You need a more powerful machine (like ahem, the Weber SmokeFire...)

✔️ Weber's Porcelain-enameled finish

Perfected on their kettles since 1952, a finish that is designed to withstand harsh elements to help prevent rust and last over the years to come (to prevent cracks and peeling).

☹️ Painted steel

Inferior grills use a cheap painted steel on their cookboxes and lids which over time will rust and peel. Your shiny new grill won't look so great when the paint starts flaking off.

✔️ The Flavorizer bars

Designed to evenly direct heat to every part of the cooking grates to ensure that your entire meal is cooked evenly, to prevent cold spots.

☹️ Bad grease pan positioning

Beware, when considering a smoker make sure you have a look under the grates and do not choose a pellet grill with a large grease pan blocking the flames. This prevents direct heat and collects grease and ash too.

✔️ Step-by-step grilling assistance

The Weber Connect app is a first of its kind, step-by-step grilling assistant that notifies you on everything from when it’s time to flip & serve to a food readiness countdown.

☹️ Chimney

The SmokeFire pellet grill is designed without a chimney as a chimney serves to pull hot air out of your BBQ. This prevents quick heating which is needed for proper searing and grilling.