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Weber Q Portable Cart
For Q1200, Q1400 & Q2200

£ 150.00

RRP: £169.99
Weber Q1000

£ 169.00

RRP: £315.00
Weber Q1000 and Patio Gas Adapter Kit

£ 199.99

RRP: £369.99
Weber Q1200 with Stand
Portable Gas BBQ

£ 275.00

RRP: £389.00
Weber Q1200
Portable Gas BBQ

£ 292.50

Weber Q1200

Grill anywhere

The Weber Q 1200 is the perfect option for people who feel the call to grill, wherever they are. Whether on a road trip, a picnic or on a day at the beach, the Q1200's lightweight and compact design means that you can enjoy Weber quality food, anywhere.

The Q1200 has fold out side tables and built in carry handles which makes transporting it simple and easy. Combined with the cast iron cooking grate, this makes the Q1200 a force to be reckoned with.

The Q 1200 has one circular burner which is powered by disposable gas canisters, meaning you're not tied down by heavy fuel bottles. However, if you wish to have a larger bottle for use at home, you can add the Weber 3 in 1 adapter to use large patio gas bottles instead.

The Q 1200 is available in a range of colours.

With the Q1200, you can take the Weber way of cooking with you, wherever you go.