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Weber Summit Kamado E6
61cm Kamado GBS BBQ

£ 995.00

RRP: £1,249.00
Weber Summit Kamado S6
61cm Kamado GBS BBQ

£ 1,889.00

RRP: £2,799.00

Weber Charcoal Summit BBQs

The pinnacle of charcoal grilling

Drawing on decades of grilling experience, Weber have created the ultimate grilling, barbecuing, smoking, roasting machine: the Summit Charcoal. This is Weber's take on a Kamado grill.

The key to a great barbecue is heat retention: the ability to keep the same consistent temperature running for hours at a time, so you can cook with certainty that the results will come out perfectly. Weber have perfected this on the Summit Charcoal Kamado by introducing a truly innovative manufacturing process - where other manufacturers need heavy, fragile ceramic to achieve long heat retention, the Summit Charcoal instead utilises a double walled lid and bowl, resulting in air insulation all around the cooking chamber. This creates a durable, relatively lightweight cooking chamber which creates amazing results.

Control over the cooking process really is at the heart of the Summit Charcoal Kamado, especially when it comes to the two position fuel grate, allowing you to create a deep chamber for smoking or indirect cooking, or a shorter distance between the food and the fuel for searing over direct heat.

The Summit Charcoal Kamado also features a newly designed lid vent which gives you complete temperature - spin it round as normal to slowly increase airflow, or flip open completely to give an instant temperature boost, ideal for getting the high heat needed for searing steaks or making perfect crispy pizzas.

Dialing in The Weber Summit Kamado for low and slow couldn't be easier, thanks to the smoke/ low and slow settings on the lower vents which are preset to allow just the right amount of air required into the cook chamber, giving you Pitmaster results without the years of tinkering. Indirect cooking is also improved by the heavy gauge heat deflector, which keeps the temperature low and consistent for many hours. Featuring flip up sides to allow you to add fuel, this is a game changer for pulled pork, brisket and ribs.

The large cooking grate is big enough to cook for a crowd and is triple plated for durability. The hinged sides allow you to add extra fuel whilst cooking without having to remove the whole cooking grate, whilst the Gourmet Barbecue System central section can be removed, to allow you to add any GBS accessory into your grill. Use the sear grate, griddle, wok, poultry roaster, pizza stone, dutch oven or waffle iron to create restaurant quality meals at home.

Other notable features include the hinge and spring on the lid, making it a doddle to open and shut the grill; the gas ignition built in, so you can get your briquettes or charcoal lit seriously quickly; the large face temperature gauge on the lid, allowing you to easily monitor the temperature inside the barbecue; and the One-Touch cleaning system which makes cleaning your barbecue a doddle.

For the Summit Kamado Grilling Centre, the revolutionary Summit Charcoal is housed within a stylish and durable side table, giving you extra preparation space. The table includes heavy duty castors, masses of storage for accessories and the deflector plate, as well as a bin to store fresh charcoal in.

When you want the best to barbecue on, the Summit charcoal is the clear choice.