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Weber Bamboo Skewers
25 Skewers

£ 4.95

Weber Drip Pans - Extra Large (5)
Pack of 5

£ 9.26

RRP: £10.29
Weber Mitt

£ 9.89

RRP: £10.99
Weber Premium Lighter

£ 10.30

Weber Grill Tongs
Stainless Steel

£ 10.35

RRP: £11.19
Weber Grill Spatula
Stainless Steel

£ 10.35

RRP: £11.19
Weber Grill Basting Brush
Silicon Bristles

£ 10.35

RRP: £11.19
Weber 46 Cm Bamboo Grill Brush

£ 11.51

RRP: £12.79
Weber Spice Grinder
Ceramic mill

£ 12.59

RRP: £13.99
Weber Oil & Vinegar Bottle
Non-drip Spout

£ 13.28

RRP: £14.75
Weber 46 Cm Detail Brush
Narrow & Precise

£ 13.49

Weber Bbq Mitt
One size

£ 14.99

Weber Smoker Accessories

Where there's smoke...

Smoking has been used to preserve food for millennia, but where it really comes into its own is for flavouring - there's nothing like a roast chicken that's been slowly roasted and gently smoked with apple or pecan wood, or succulent beef ribs, smoked with mesquite wood.

Here you'll find everything you need to become an expert smoker, from raw wood chunks for use on long, low and slow cooks, to wood chips for giving a touch of smoke to shorter cooks. Our personal recommendations have to be Weber's Whiskey Wood Chips - made from barrels used to store whiskey, these leave a delicate flavour that is perfect for pork and poultry.

New for 2017, Weber have introduced a range of crafted wood blends, mixing varieties such as broadleaf, fruit tree and nutwood to create the perfect smoke flavour for beef, seafood or pork.