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Weber Crafted Spirit and SmokeFire Frame
Weber Crafted System

£ 47.49

RRP: £74.99
Weber Crafted Roasting Basket
Weber Crafted System

£ 54.99

RRP: £64.99
Weber Crafted Rotisserie Skewer Set
Weber Crafted System

£ 57.99

RRP: £64.99
Weber Rotisserie Basket
Crisping Basket - Attachment

£ 59.99

RRP: £69.99
Weber Crafted Pizza Stone
Fits in any GBS Cooking Grate

£ 62.09

RRP: £66.99
Weber Crafted Genesis Frame Kit
Weber Crafted System

£ 79.83

RRP: £94.99
Weber Crafted Glazed Baking Stone
Weber Crafted System

£ 79.99

RRP: £109.99
Weber Crafted Flat Top
Weber Crafted System

£ 89.99

RRP: £109.99
Weber Crafted Dual Sided Sear Grate
Weber Crafted System - Compatible with certain BBQs

£ 99.00

RRP: £109.99
WEBER CRAFTED Porcelain-Enamelled Cast-Iron Cooking Grates
For Spirit 3-Burner Models

£ 142.99

WEBER CRAFTED Porcelain-Enamelled Cast-Iron Cooking Grates
For 2016 Genesis 3-Burner Models

£ 169.99

WEBER CRAFTED Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
For SmokeFire EX4 Pellet Smokers

£ 169.99

Weber® Crafted

The all new for 2022 Weber Crafted System brings a new dimension to your grilling. Roast, bake, steam, sear, by transforming your grill with the new range of BBQ accessories.

To use the Weber Crafted System, your BBQ must be compatible with the Weber Crafted Gourmet BBQ System and be equipped with two essential components which will come with your BBQ, or be purchased separately. You can even use an adapted to convert older BBQs to be compatible with the new range of Weber Crafted accessories.

Weber Crafted Frame Kit

If you already have a collection of circular GBS accessories, but want to upgrade your cooking, you can use the Weber Crafted Frame Kit for post 2016 Genesis, or your Smokefire. This makes switching out the grates incredibly easy.

Flat Top

A rock solid flat top griddle, perfect for everything from pancakes and bacon, to smash burgers and flatbreads. Porcelain enamelled cast iron for amazing heat retention.

Dual Sided Sear Grate

Restaurant quality sear with this huge cross-hatched grill. Great for chicken, seafood, and veg, but perfect for steaks.

Roasting Basket

Easy to clean stainless steel, with high walls, and flow ports for consistent air flow throughout. Use this for easy roasted veg, or fish. 

Rotisserie Skewer Set

This add on for your rotisserie can get meat, or veg spinning and cooking slowly and evenly. With the new 2022 Genesis range you don't need to remove your cooking grate to use your rotisserie. Quick and Easy whole chicken, kebabs, or vegetables.

Glazed Baking Stone

The Weber Crafted system isn't just about meat and veg. The Glazed Baking Stone is great for pizza, as well as baked breads and desserts.

Wok & Steamer

True versatility is the key to Weber crafted, and the Wok & Steamer combo is bringing your kitchen outdoors. Stir Fries, crunchy steamed vegetables, or even soups.