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Weber Rotisserie Forks

£ 29.99

RRP: £39.99
Weber Rotisserie Basket
Crisping Basket - Attachment

£ 49.99

RRP: £64.99
Weber Premium Rotisserie Skewer Set
Attachment with 12 Skewers

£ 64.25

RRP: £71.39
Weber Q1000/1200 Rotisserie
Fits Q1000 Series

£ 140.00

RRP: £157.99
Weber Q2000/2200 Rotisserie
Fits Q2000 Series

£ 160.19

RRP: £177.99
Weber Q3000/Q3200 Rotisserie
Fits Q3000 Series

£ 177.29

RRP: £196.99


Something for everyone

Just because the Q barbecues are more compact than their cousins in other Weber ranges, that doesn't mean you have to compromise if you purchase one. Weber have ensured that there is a compatible rotisserie for every Q barbecue we sell.

Operating from mains power, the powerful rotisseries enable you to create amazing roast chicken, beef, lamb..the list goes on. Because the meat spins as it cooks, fats and juices are retained, creating a situation where the meat self bastes, resulting in delicious, succulent meals. And because the food is not resting on a grate, greater surface area is exposed to heat, meaning a more even cook and more crispy skin.

When you take into consideration the extra accessories available to add onto the rotisseries, you'll see that rotissseries truly are the ultimate accessory for any Weber Q barbecue.