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Weber Bamboo Skewers
25 Skewers

£ 4.95

Weber Roasting Shields - Small
For Q1200 & Q1400

£ 8.36

RRP: £9.29
Weber Roasting Shields - Large
For Q2200 & Q220

£ 9.89

RRP: £10.99
Weber Cookbox Scraper
Essential for Q Series

£ 10.07

RRP: £11.19
Weber Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit
Brush & Scraper

£ 12.14

RRP: £13.49
Weber Spice Grinder
Ceramic mill

£ 12.59

RRP: £13.99
Weber Oil & Vinegar Bottle
Non-drip Spout

£ 13.28

RRP: £14.75
Weber's American BBQ
120 Recipes

£ 13.59

RRP: £16.99
Weber Poultry Roaster
For Beer Can Chicken

£ 18.23

RRP: £21.79
Weber Rib Rack
Hold up to 5 racks

£ 19.79

Weber's Greatest Hits Book
115 Recipes

£ 19.99

RRP: £24.49
Weber Premium Grilling Basket
Stainless Steel

£ 20.51


More strings to your bow

The Weber Q range may look simple, with its sleek design and understated profile, but add on some of the accessories from this section and you'll soon find that this barbecue can be a versatile grilling machine.

There's nothing better than freshly grilled fish, and with the Weber fish baskets you can take your Q with you on a fishing trip and grill fillets and even whole fish without damaging the delicate flesh whilst cooking.

Why not create perfectly shaped burgers and sliders using the burger and slider presses available? These accessories really take the hassle out of whipping up homemade burgers, creating uniform shapes with ease.

No matter what sort of griller you are, no matter where you're planning on taking your Q barbecue, you'll find the right accessory for you here.