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Weber Bamboo Skewers
25 Skewers

£ 3.95

RRP: £5.20
Weber Grilling Pans
Pack of 4

£ 5.84

RRP: £6.49
Weber Roasting Shields - Small
For Q1200 & Q1400

£ 6.22

RRP: £8.18
Weber Non-Stick Spray 200ml
Keeps your food from sticking

£ 7.75

RRP: £8.18
Weber Drip Pans - Large (10)

£ 8.99

RRP: £10.49
Weber Premium Basting Brush
Silicon Bristles

£ 8.99

RRP: £10.49
Weber Cookbox Scraper
Essential for Q Series

£ 9.97

RRP: £10.49
Weber Roasting Shields - Large
For Q2200 & Q220

£ 9.97

RRP: £10.49
Weber Gas Canister
Not available to order online

£ 8.99

RRP: £10.49
Weber Apron

£ 11.69

RRP: £15.74
Weber Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit
Brush & Scraper

£ 11.75

RRP: £12.38
Weber T-Brush 12"
Three Sided Grill Brush

£ 12.05

RRP: £13.39

Q BBQ Accessories

Next stop: grilling heaven

A Weber Q barbecue is pretty great in itself, but if you really want to achieve grilling perfection, we have everything you need to do it. From cleaning materials to keep your pride and joy spic and span, to cooking accessories to help you get the most of your grill, have a peruse and we're sure you'll find something which tickles your fancy.

To keep your Weber Q barbecue looking as good as the day you purchased it, we recommend the use of Weber's specially formulated cleaner, designed to easily remove grime and dirt that builds up. Combined with a T Brush and cookbox scraper, this makes barbecue maintenance an absolute doddle.

Which of the cooking accessories you prefer will naturally depend on what you want to cook, but for Q1200 and Q2200 owners, we'd heavily recommend the heat shield and trivets, which elevate meat from the grate and deflect direct heat away from the food, meaning that you can do indirect cooking or 'low and slow' for hours in a very compact space. Perfect for freeing up oven space when doing the Sunday roast.

Speaking of roasts, the absolutely best way to roast on your Weber Q barbecue is with a rotisserie. Weber have designed a rotisserie for each of the barbecues and the addition of a heat shield increase the space available to you so you can roast large meals, even on the compact Q1200.

Whatever stage of Q ownership you're at, whatever you want to cook, we're confident you'll find the accessory that suits you here.