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Weber® Skewer Pack

£ 3.59

RRP: £4.49
Weber® Grilling Pans

£ 5.39

RRP: £6.49
Weber Premium Lighter

£ 8.09

RRP: £8.99
Weber's Greatest Hits Book
115 Recipes, 2017 Edition

£ 10.00

RRP: £19.99
Weber T Brush - 12"

£ 10.79

RRP: £11.99
Weber Bbq Mitt

£ 11.33

RRP: £13.99
Weber Burger Press

£ 11.69

RRP: £13.99
Weber Slider Press

£ 11.69

RRP: £13.99
Weber T Brush - 21"

£ 11.69

RRP: £13.99
Weber® Apron

£ 11.69

RRP: £12.99
Weber's Complete BBQ Book
Over 150 BBQ Recipes

£ 10.00

RRP: £16.99
Weber Double Prong Skewers

£ 13.49

RRP: £15.99


Always take the Weber® with you

The joy of Weber's® portable barbecues is that no matter where you go, you don't have to compromise on the quality of your grilling. Gone are the days of having to buy a substandard hotdog from a van at the beach! And with that in mind, Weber® has a range of accessories to keep your grilling up to scratch, even when you're on the road.

From a specially sized chimney starter to make sure you're cooking as quickly as possible, to carry bags to make transporting your grill a piece of cake, these are accessories which really complement using your grill when you're out and about.

Our favourite is the Weber® small round pizza stone, which is just the right size to be used on a Smokey Joe charcoal grill, meaning that you can have a thin and crispy margherita pizza that tastes as if it was made in Naples, even if you're camping in Nuneaton.