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Weber Cast Iron Protector

£ 7.73

RRP: £8.59
Weber Grate Insert Lifter - GBS
Gourmet BBQ System

£ 24.99

RRP: £27.99
Weber Trivet
Gourmet BBQ System

£ 39.99

RRP: £44.79
Weber Griddle - GBS
Gourmet BBQ System

£ 44.00

RRP: £66.99
Weber Crafted Spirit and SmokeFire Frame
Weber Crafted System

£ 47.49

RRP: £74.99
Weber Poultry Roaster - GBS
Gourmet BBQ System

£ 49.99

RRP: £77.99
Weber Griddle - GBS - Loose Packaging (See Description)

£ 50.00

Weber Sear Grate - GBS
Gourmet BBQ System

£ 54.99

RRP: £60.99
Weber Crafted Roasting Basket
Weber Crafted System

£ 54.99

RRP: £64.99
Weber Cooking Grates 57cm - GBS
Gourmet BBQ System

£ 57.49

RRP: £65.99
Weber Crafted Rotisserie Skewer Set
Weber Crafted System

£ 57.99

RRP: £64.99
Weber Crafted Pizza Stone
Fits in any GBS Cooking Grate

£ 62.09

RRP: £66.99

Gbs Accessories

Limitless possibilities

Sometimes we in the UK can be guilty of being a little unadventurous when it comes to barbecue, sausages and burgers forming the overwhelming majority of what most people cook on the grill. However, there's absolutely no excuse for not branching out more when you consider the fantastic variety of meals you can produce on the Weber Gourmet Barbecue System.

Whether you fancy a perfectly crisp, stone baked pizza or a fiery, smoked chilli con carne, there's a GBS insert that does the job. A real favourite of the WoW BBQ team (especially if you have a charcoal barbecue) is the cast iron sear grate - not only does the cast iron get typically 50°C hotter than other cooking grates, caramalising any food you're cooking on it, the sear grate has a diamond design to create restaurant grade sear marks without having to carefully angle your turns when you cook.

Most current Weber barbecues come with GBS grates as standard, but if you have an older model without them, you need not miss out as we sell a range of replacement grates that are GBS compatible.