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Weber Rotisserie Forks

£ 29.99

RRP: £39.99
Weber Rotisserie Basket
Crisping Basket - Attachment

£ 59.99

RRP: £69.99
Weber Premium Rotisserie Skewer Set
Attachment with 12 Skewers

£ 64.25

RRP: £71.39
Weber Spirit 200/300 Rotisserie
Fits Spirit 200/300 Series

£ 140.00

RRP: £157.99
Weber Q1000/1200 Rotisserie
Fits Q1000 Series

£ 148.49

RRP: £164.99
Weber Q2000/2200 Rotisserie
Fits Q2000 Series

£ 169.00

RRP: £185.99
Weber Genesis 200/300 Rotisserie
Fits Genesis II, LX & 2022 2 and 3 burner models

£ 175.49

RRP: £186.99
Weber Genesis 400/600 Rotisserie
Fits Genesis 400 Series, Genesis II & LX 4 and 6 burner models

£ 177.00

Weber Q3000/Q3200 Rotisserie
Fits Q3000 Series

£ 184.49


Spin me right round

There really is no other cooking method which matches food cooked on a rotisserie on a grill - the spinning motion allows the outside of the food to have the maximum exposure to heat, and so gets ultra crispy. The rotation also makes the meat self baste, as moisture and juices are unable to run off and are absorbed back into the meat. The result is perfectly cooked chickens, turkeys, rib roasts, the list goes on.

But rotisserie doesn't just mean whole birds or large joints: Weber have produced add ons such as the basket, fine mesh basket and skewer system which allow you to create crispy fries, popcorn or mountains of chicken wings, all on your Weber gas grill.