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Weber Bamboo Skewers
25 Skewers

£ 3.95

RRP: £5.20
Weber Drip Pans - Small (10)

£ 4.49

RRP: £5.20
Weber Grilling Pans
Pack of 4

£ 5.84

RRP: £6.49
Weber Roasting Shields - Small
For Q1200 & Q1400

£ 6.22

RRP: £8.18
Weber Non-Stick Spray 200ml
Keeps your food from sticking

£ 7.75

RRP: £8.18
Weber Drip Pans - Large (10)

£ 8.99

RRP: £10.49
Weber Premium Basting Brush
Silicon Bristles

£ 8.99

RRP: £10.49
Weber Cookbox Scraper
Essential for Q Series

£ 9.97

RRP: £10.49
Weber Roasting Shields - Large
For Q2200 & Q220

£ 9.97

RRP: £10.49
Weber Apron

£ 11.69

RRP: £15.74
Weber Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit
Brush & Scraper

£ 11.75

RRP: £12.38
Weber T-Brush 12"
Three Sided Grill Brush

£ 12.05

RRP: £13.39

Gas BBQ Accessories

All you need to be King of the Grill

You've got the grill, but that's only the start. Weber have produced a wide variety of useful tools and accessories to help you get the most out of your barbecue. Whether it be the perfect cleaner and brush to keep your grill in sparkling condition, or the ideal tool to help you whip up amazing dishes, you'll find it all here.

For the expert grillers amongst us, take a look at the iGrill range of thermometers, allowing you to keep an eye on your food from afar, through your smartphone.

Whether your signature dish is gourmet burgers, a classic roast chicken, or a moist and tender beef brisket, you'll find what you need here.