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Weber Rotisserie Forks

£ 29.99

RRP: £39.99
Weber Rotisserie Basket
Crisping Basket - Attachment

£ 49.99

RRP: £64.99
Weber Premium Rotisserie Skewer Set
Attachment with 12 Skewers

£ 64.25

RRP: £71.39
Weber Charcoal Rotisserie
Fits Weber 57cm Charcoal BBQs

£ 177.29

RRP: £196.99
Spit on Fire 26" Rotisserie
Fits Weber Summit Kamado & Summit Charcoal

£ 349.00


An ancient method of cooking

There's a reason why rotisserie cooking has been used for hunks of meat since medieval times - because it's so good! The constant turning of the meat means that the juices are reabsorbed, meaning the food self bastes as it cooks. The greater exposure of the surface area to heat also allows for a greater amount of crispy skin to be created. Weber's charcoal rotisserie comes with an extender ring to increase the space within the barbecue, meaning it's no bother at all to do the Christmas Turkey on your charcoal grill.

However, it's not just poultry or large chunks of meat that you can do on the rotisserie - Weber have produced a range of accessories which you can add to a rotisserie to expand your cooking repertoire - the fine mesh basket is great for creating popcorn, the rotisserie basket is perfect for making homemade fries, and the skewer system is ideal for loading up with wings before the big game.