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Weber Bamboo Skewers
25 Skewers

£ 4.28

RRP: £4.75
Weber Grilling Pans
Pack of 4

£ 5.84

RRP: £6.49
Weber Non-Stick Spray 200ml
Keeps your food from sticking

£ 6.74

RRP: £7.49
Weber Grill Brush
12" Bamboo

£ 6.74

RRP: £7.49
Weber Roasting Shields - Small
For Q1200 & Q1400

£ 6.74

RRP: £7.49
Weber Roasting Shields - Large
For Q2200 & Q220

£ 8.99

RRP: £9.99
Weber Grill Brush
18" Bamboo

£ 8.99

RRP: £9.99
Weber Premium Lighter

£ 8.99

RRP: £9.99
Weber Premium Basting Brush
Silicon Bristles

£ 8.99

RRP: £9.99
Weber Tool Hooks
Fits 47cm & 57cm Weber BBQs

£ 8.99

RRP: £9.99
Weber Briquettes 4KG
Long lasting

£ 8.49

Weber T-Brush 12"
Three Sided Grill Brush

£ 11.45

RRP: £12.75

Charcoal BBQ Accessories

I'm a firestarter

So you're Weber charcoal barbecue has been delivered, you've set it up, now what else do you need to achieve grilling perfection? Look no further. On this page we have everything you need to make cooking on a Weber charcoal barbecue easy, enjoyable, and delicious.

We heavily recommend that every charcoal griller uses a Chimney Starter - the shape holds the briquettes above each other and allows maximum airflow, meaning you can be grilling in half the time compared to other lighting methods. No-one here at WoW BBQ would cook on a charcoal grill without one!

Beyond that, we also have charcoal fuel holders and rails, to enable you to change the configuration of your coals from direct to indirect, cleaning products to keep your grill spic and span, and large drip trays for catching food residue and cooking in.

For more advanced grillers, you'll also find a large selection of iGrill thermometers for remotely monitoring your food, rib racks for squeezing all the use out of every square inch of your grill, and Gourmet Barbecue System inserts to create restaurant quality food at home.

No matter which stage of expertise you're at with your Weber charcoal grill, you'll find all the accessories you could need here on WoW BBQ.