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ETI - Signals & Billows Package
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ETI - Signals & Billows Package

Compatible with Kamado grills

Product Code: TX1500CH-TX1600

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RRP: £276.00

Features include:

Market leading temperature control technology for those looking to low and slow for long cooks, perfect for briskets, butts and ribs!

  • Package contains Billows fan and Signals controller
    3 Temperature probes 1 ambient probe
  • Billows fits air vents on most smokers to control flow of air
  • Wifi & Bluetooth compatibility so you can view and control your temperatures wherever you are
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From ETI, comes an intuitive, versatile and powerful temperature control combination.

Confident Temperature Control

The ETI Billows Fan blows air into your grill to sustain a predetermined temperature that you can set on your ETI Signals Control. If your temperature gets too high, the fan stops blowing, allowing temperatures to slowly reduce - if the temperature gets too low, the fan kicks in to make sure you are always at the perfect temperature. The fantastic thing about this is WiFi & Bluetooth compatibility, which means you can keep an eye on your grill's temperature either in bed or down at your local! Even without this smart tech, you can set alarms on the unit so you always know where your temperatures are at.

Running late? No problem, control your Signals from your phone and turn the temperature down. This takes the guess work out of low and slow cooks! 

We ran tests earlier this year, using the old Weber Summit Charcoal and we had a lot of fun (and some great ribs). The temperature control on a Weber Summit Charcoal is top notch anyway, but if you fancy doing an overnight cook without having to worry, this is the toy for you. Check out the consistency in the below temperature!

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