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Rocky Mountain Mega Marshmallows
Classic vanilla marshmallow flavor

£ 4.49

RRP: £5.99


About Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows are a true American tradition. The fluffy, light texture and unique flavor make American-style marshmallows distinctly different than marshmallows made elsewhere in the world. Rocky Mountain is the leading U.S. marshmallow brand sold outside of the United States. Our marshmallows come in a variety of sizes and flavors, to please every taste.

Real, American-made marshmallows have a light, airy texture, a unique vanilla flavor, and they roast perfectly over a glowing, open fire. Experts (kids and adults alike!) agree—American marshmallows are distinctive from marshmallows made anywhere else in the world, and they make for better eating enjoyment!