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Gozney Pizza Rocker Black

£ 25.00

Gozney Roccbox Cover Stainless Steel

£ 40.00

Gozney Roccbox Turning Peel Stainless Steel

£ 49.00

Gozney Dome Turning Peel Stainless Steel

£ 59.00

Gozney Roccbox Place Peel Stainless Steel

£ 65.00

Gozney Dome Cover Green

£ 69.00

Gozney Dome Placement Peel Stainless Steel

£ 75.00

Gozney Roccbox Woodburner Stainless Steel

£ 100.00

Gozney Dome Stand Black

£ 289.00

Gozney Roccbox Gas Burning Olive Olive Green
Includes Professional Pizza Peel

£ 399.00

Gozney Roccbox Gas Burning Grey Grey
Includes Professional Pizza Peel

£ 399.00

Gozney Dome Dual Fuel Bone

£ 1,499.00


"Gozney was founded with one simple mission: to combine wood-fired engineering and beautiful design to create products that will forever change the way we cook, connect and live."

For home gas or wood-fired Pizza and outdoor ovens there really is no alternative to Gozney. The fan favourite Roccbox, and the all new Dome, mean you can take your outdoor cooking and garden part game to the next level. Founded as the Stone Baked Oven Company in 2010 with a focus on commercial pizza ovens, this expertise was used to figure out how to bring this restaurant quality to the home.

The Gozney Dome 

The Dome is a real show-stopper and is a stylish additional to any outdoor cooking set up. Powered with gas or wood-fire, this is more than a pizza oven. Roast, bake, steam, or smoke at home at temperatures up to 500°C for delicious pizza, fish, bread, or meats in seconds. A built in digital thermometer, thick cordierite stone floor, and dense insulation mean you can reach extreme heat and retain this for longer. High grade materials and the Gozney Shield means the oven is durable, water resistant and safe from UV damage. This is an all year, any weather, outdoor oven.

Gozney Roccbox

Introduced in 2016, the Roccbox is a professional grade home pizza oven that won't break the bank. The expertly engineered dome shape, high-ceiling, and baffle-plate technology give you a perfect rolling-flame, replicating a true wood-fired pizza oven so you can cook amazing pizza in 60 seconds. Compact and with retractable legs, this oven is portable, and easy to switch between gas and wood so the Roccbox can be easily transported and stored, while still being powerful enough to give you restaurant quality pizza wherever, whenever.