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Weber Coconut Shell Briquette 8kg
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Weber Coconut Shell Briquette 8kg


Product Code: 18402

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RRP: £19.49

Features include:

  • Up to 3 Hours Cooking Time
  • 100% Natural
  • Tearproof and weather resistant bag for storage
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Weber Coconut Shell Briquettes - 8KG

These new Weber Coconut Shell Briquettes are their most sustainable Briquette.

Glowing coals in just 20 minutes, use fewer coals to achieve the same great results. Manufactured from carbonised Coconut Shells and Tapioca Starch, the briquette is an environmentally friendly 100% Natural BBQ Fuel. Once the carbonised waste coconut shells and tapioca starch has been pressed into a tight briquette pillow; it's bound using natural materials. No toxic chemicals are used which could taint your food with acrid smoke. The new bag design is both tear and weather resistant with an additional plastic handle for comfortability when moving your Briquettes around.   

Great to use with the Weber Chimney Starter! Get your fuel going is just 20 minutes. 

It lights faster.
The unique pillow shape design has two grooves running across the surface which allows for optimal airflow around the fuel. This enables the briquette to be lit evenly and faster. With new style Weber briquettes you'll be ready to cook in just 20 minutes.

It works harder.
Precision manufacturing ensures that every briquette is the same size. The uniformity allows for even distribution of heat for consistency and controlled cooking. The new larger optimal shape means you will need less fuel to BBQ, meaning much better value for money.

It lasts longer.
Direct or Indirect, Grilling, Roasting or smoking; rely on Weber Coconut Shell Briquettes to perform. Consistent heat for up to three hours. Serious heat for searing and can also be used low and slow.

Fuel Disclaimer

Charcoal cannot be sent internationally (mainland UK only). Charcoal/briquettes may be housed in a paper bag. For this reason we package the bags of briquettes in another box or bag so that if the bag should split then the contents will not be lost. Although rare this can happen when sending something as fragile and heavy as briquettes via a courier network.
We recommend that all customers open any consignments containing fuel outside to prevent damage to property from charcoal dust.

Product Code: 18402

EAN: 77924186523

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