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FireFly - Florida Cuban Mojo Bbq Rub 175Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Peruvian Rocotto Sweet Chilli Sauce 230M

£ 3.99

FireFly - Texas Spicy Bbq Sauce 268Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Peruvian Amarillo Chilli Sauce 230Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - California Apple Bbq Sauce 268Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Kansas Sweet & Smokey Sauce 268Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Louisiana Rib & Wing Sauce 268Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Memphis Red Bbq Sauce 268Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Mississippi Master Rub 175Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Kansas Sweet & Smokey Rub 175Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Texas Hot N' Spicy Rub 175Ml

£ 4.49

FireFly - Santa-Maria Seasoning Rub 175Ml

£ 4.49

Firefly Barbecue

About Firefly Barbecue

At Firefly Barbecue, we think it’s time to put a punch in your pork and a kick in your chicken. That’s why we’ve recreated the authentic taste of American BBQ for the European consumer. Through our dedication to sourcing the highest quality, all-natural herbs and spices and our passion for sharing incredible bbq sauces, bbq rubs and bbq marinades, we are committed to achieving our vision of enabling you to cultivate your own barbecue tradition.

✔ Great Taste Award Winners 2017 / 2018

In 2017 we were awarded 5 Great Taste awards, and 6 awards in 2018 for our product in out first year.

✔ Highest Quality Ingredients

Firefly Barbecue use only the highest quality herbs and spices, sourced responsibly from around the world. Non-irradiated, carefully packed and sealed for amazing flavour.

✔ Blended & Packed with in the UK

We are proud to say that our spice mixes are 100% blended and packed in the UK, supporting UK business.

✔ No MSG ✔ No fillers ✔ No Artificial colours ✔ No Phosphates ✔ No Sulphates 

✔Gluten Free   ✔ Vegetarian

✔ Clean Labelling

We have always felt it important to clearly list all ingredients used in each product nothing hidden.