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Bohns Rubs and Spices

A perfectly seasoned entrée is essential for an unforgettable meal and BOHNS Rubs & Spices are a simple means of perfection. But let’s face it we would say that! So try it for yourself. 

The taste experience is individual and we have taken care to produce a range of rubs that will enhance and not overwhelm the flavour of any meal. At BOHNS we have one guiding principle, flavour never goes out of fashion! We will give you an assurance that we will always strive to maintain quality by sourcing the finest ingredients.

Thomas Bohn has been on a quest across the globe and back in a search for the perfect mix of spices and seasoning able to elevate taste to new heights.

He left a boy and came back a man, a slightly heavier man full of the tastes of the finest slow cooked BBQ's from the land of stars and stripes. Here he discovered the secrets to rubbing butt's and adding spice to his life and his cooking.

In his experiences, the tastiest and most succulent meat is produced from slow cooking methods with spices, sauces and marinades generously applied giving taste sensations we only seem to experience in restaurants.

Now armed with these recipes learnt on the road and honed in the kitchen, Thomas Bohn brings you a range of rubs and spices guaranteed to add new dimensions to your meats, sauces, vegetables and dips.