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Angus and Oink - Moo Mami 200g
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Angus and Oink - Moo Mami 200g

Product Code: MOOMAM200

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Features include:

  • Dry Rub
  • 200g
  • For Beef, Pork and Chicken
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This rub creates a delicious flavour for your meat while glazing and caramelizing the outside to give you a crisp crust known as bark locking all the juices in leaving you with tender results and great taste.

The Flavour

Inspired to intensify the flavour you get from grilling your meat with a combination of savory ingredients with a dash of pineapple to give it hint of sweetness.

Angus and Oink Says...

A blend of spices, herbs, chillies, salts and umami complexity with Moo Mami power beef grilling powder. Inspired by great steaks and radical brisket cooks from flame to deep smoke. We have loaded this with mega flavour to bring out the best in beef while building a monumental crust or bark on the beef. Big Dawg BARK. Umami depth comes from soy, seaweed and mushroom while chipotle, ancho and mulato chillies give a great balance of heat. Various levels of sugars help absorption into the meat and trigger each other for maximum rub dissipation for competition cooks while we added Pineapple powder to help tenderness with its unique natural enzyme bromeliad. We give you our no MSG Power Grilling Powder – Moo Mami!!

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