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Weber Lighter Cubes (17945)

£ 2.14

RRP: £4.29
BigK - Woodies

£ 3.49

Weber Natural Lighter Cubes
Natural Firelighters

£ 4.04

Weber Gas Canister
Not available to order online

£ 9.99

RRP: £12.09
Weber Briquettes 4KG
Long lasting

£ 10.79

Weber Premium Lumpwood 5KG
Lights fast, burns hotter for longer

£ 9.49

RRP: £10.49
Weber Coconut Shell Briquette 4kg

£ 10.49

RRP: £10.99
Weber Wood Pellets FSC Alder

£ 14.99

RRP: £19.79
Weber Wood Pellets FSC Apple

£ 17.99

RRP: £19.79
Weber Wood Pellets FSC Beech

£ 17.99

RRP: £19.79
Weber Wood Pellets FSC Cherry

£ 17.99

RRP: £19.79
Weber Wood Pellets FSC Grill Academy Blend

£ 17.99

RRP: £19.79


Burn, baby, burn

You can have the best barbecue in the world, but if you're using the wrong type of fuel, you're never going to be able to create outstanding meals for your friends and family. Luckily, Weber have produced their own range of fuel to give you the absolute best results.

Charcoal fuel breaks down into two varieties: lumpwood charcoal and briquettes. Generally speaking, if you're cooking directly for short periods of time you want to be using lumpwood charcoal as it's quick to light and burns at a high temperature - the only downside is it burns pretty quickly so isn't suited for longer periods of time. If you're looking to cook for longer periods, for instance smoking a brisket or roasting a chicken, briquettes are the best bet. These condensed blocks offer very stable temperature for up to three hours, giving you ultimate reliability. When used in a Weber Smokey Mountain, they can go even further.

The benefits of Weber briquettes over other, lower quality, competitors, include 100% natural ingredients and a redesigned pillow shape, meaning they light quicker and burn longer.