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Weber Premium Grilling Rack
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Weber Premium Grilling Rack


Product Code: 6469

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RRP: £32.99

Features include:

  • One of our favourite accessories of all time
  • For Ribs & Roasts
  • Fits 57cm, Q3000 and up
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Weber Original Rib and Roast Holder

Weber's fantastic design allows you to get the absolute most out of your barbecue. One side of the Rib and Roast Holder allows you to cook up to five racks of ribs standing up in the rack. Simply flip the holder over and it becomes a spacious roast holder, allowing you to raise large pieces of meat off of the grates to avoid them burning on long cooks. Amazing design, and great quality, this is a Weber accessory through and through.

Weber say, "Tender rib meat falling off of the bone, just waiting to be pulled apart. Mouthwatering roasts with flavours that can only be achieved from the smoke underneath the lid of a barbecue. The two-in-one design of the Premium Grill Rack holds multiple slabs of ribs to increase space on your cooking grates, and it can also be used as a sturdy cradle for juicy roasts"

Fits: Weber® Q 300/3000 and larger gas barbecues, and 57cm and larger charcoal barbecues
Product Code: 6469

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