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Weber Style Smoker Box
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Weber Style Smoker Box

Product Code: 17179

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Features include:

  • Infuse your grilled foods with a smokey flavour
  • Use a wide range of woods like hickory, oak and cherry
  • Take your Gas BBQ to the next level
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Want to add a smokey flavour to foods cooked on a Gas BBQ?

Use this fantastic Weber BBQ accessory If you want to hot smoke food but don't have a traditional smoker or if just want to add another level of flavour to the food you cook on your grill.

The Weber Style Smoker Box is very easy to use, start by lifting out your BBQ cooking grates to display your BBQ flavourizer bars.

How to use a Weber Smoker Box - Step 1

Set the smoker box on top of the flavourizer bars of any gas grill and then fill with a handful or two of wood chips, soak these beforehand for at least an hour in water or they will combust too quickly.

How to use a Weber Smoker Box - Step 2

Pre-soaked chips will smolder and slowly smoke to add lovely smokey BBQ flavour to your meats and vegetables. A handful or two is all you need.

How to use a Weber Smoker Box - Step 3

Make sure you add the lid, the chips will slowly heat up inside the box, releasing fragrant smoke that will infuse your food and fill it with flavour.

How to use a Weber Smoker Box - Step 4

The Weber Style Smoker Box is ideal for introducing subtle smoked notes to your old barbecue classics.

Product Code: 17179

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