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Weber Wood chip blend, Beef 0.7Kg
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Weber Wood chip blend, Beef 0.7Kg

Bespoke blend for Beef

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Features include:

  • Infuse your food with a delicious smokey flavour
  • 700g bag
  • Blend of chips
  • 100% Natural
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Weber Wood chip blend, Beef 700g

Smoking food on your grill is one of the great joys of barbecue, with the smoke being used as seasoning to enhance and improve the flavour of your food. For the Weber® Beef Wood Chips, Weber® have blended a specially chosen mix of nutwood, broadleaf and fruit tree wood chips to add a spicy, strong flavour to all types of beef, be it steaks, brisket or hamburgers. When people ask how you make the beef so tasty, just tell them - 'it's all in the blend!'.

0.7kg weight and comes in a resealable bag.

Surprise old friends with a new take on barbecued dishes that you’ve served many times before. With this wood chip blend, a perfect mix of hardwood, and nut and fruit woods allows you to add a strong, spicy flavour to your tenderloin, brisket or hamburgers, giving these classics a whole new life.


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Fuel Types Smoking Wood
brand weber

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