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Where is a Weber BBQ Made?

Posted in WoW BBQ Weber Blog by WoW BBQ on 03/10/2018

You might buy all your Weber needs from WoW BBQ, but have you ever wondered how one of the iconic Weber Kettle BBQs are made? Well, check out this footage of the Weber factory in Chicago, Illinois and buy a Weber Charcoal BBQ by scrolling through the range here.

This video is quite old so some things are not exactly representative of today's end result, but you get a great idea of the scale of the Weber factory, its quality control and  the sheer volume of their production.  Weber was founded by George Stephen over 65 years ago and since his death in 1993 is still led by the Stephen family; with Jim Stephen Jr (son of George) heading up the business.  It's a truly great company, with incredible values, a family feel, offering huge employment and customer satisfaction around the world.  

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