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WowBBQ McRibwhich on the Weber Genesis

Posted in Recipes by Lee Wills on 08/01/2018

The WOWBBQ McRibwhich

(please don't sue us Ronald)

A BBQ McRib Sandwhich is an occasional guilty pleasure for many of the team here at WOWBBQ. A McRib Sandwhich from McDonalds is classic junk food fare and when it makes it periodical comeback we all struggle to resist having one.

That being said; we're always a little disappointed by the patty which rather than being made from succulent and delicious pork rib meat is actually a re-constituted burger made with pork shoulder and shaped like a miniature rack of ribs.

So we thought that surely we can do better, so at WOWBBQ HQ in the London Weber World Store we put our heads together and relying on our Weber Expert know-how we reached for our huge arsenal of Weber BBQs & accessories and have lovingly created our very own version.

You can decide for yourself who does it better…



We've used the following:


  • Remove membrane from pork ribs using kitchen towel and a blunt knife
  • Using a sharp knife remove some of the excess fat
  • Using your fingertips rub on a thin layer of rapeseed or vegetable oil (to give the rub something to cling to)
  • Score lightly - this will also help the rub grip to the meat
  • Coat liberally with your BBQ Rub and then pat down to seal
  • Refrigerate uncovered for 1-2 hours to form a soft crust
  • Slice into dutch oven size chunks (we've halved one rack)


  • Set up your grill for indirect cooking (how to), looking for a low and slow cook at roughly 125-150 degrees Celsius.
  • Remove the cooking grates central section and add the GBS Dutch oven accessory from Weber.
  • Stack the ribs inside and seal shut with the lid
  • Cook low and slow for up to 4 hours, until the ribs are so tender that you can pull out the bones with your fingers, oh yes.


    Assemble your mighty WOWBBQ McRibwhich.

    Start laying your saucy patty on the bottom half of the bun.

    Top with a generous amount of sliced white onion and sweet crunchy pickles.

    Pop on the lid and devour, McDonalds eat your heart out...

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