By now you have probably already read our blog about the Weber Master-Touch Premium but did you know that the already much loved Weber® MasterTouch is being refreshed and rebooted for 2019 as well?

This beauty will be joining the range of Weber® BBQs at WOWBBQ in time for the summer; it's jam packed with all the existing features plus a few more innovations too.

This best in class grill will stand out in your garden and capture the attention of all your guests, and just wait until you've fed them!

You'll be able to pick one up in the classic Weber® Kettle Black, Smoke Grey or Slate Blue. 

So what are the key new features?

Cooking Grates
The first we'd like to tell you about is the new and improved gourmet BBQ system cooking grates - crafted with thick heavy duty stainless steel.
These are superior to the plated steel grates of the previous version. They're more durable and longer lasting; if you're one of the lucky few who snapped up a red limited edition version then you may already know these grates well, they're fantastic.

If you don't already know about the Weber® Gourmet Barbecue System®; you're missing out on what the best of BBQ can offer. You simply remove the central section of the cooking grate and you can replace it with another insert to explore endless grilling possibilities; the wide array of GBS inserts include a pizza stone, a wok, and a griddle, just to name a few.

The Weber® Gourmet Barbecue System® give you opportunities to perfect delicious dishes that you may have never imagined creating on a grill. Think Moules Marinière in the summer sun, a full english breakfast on the weekend, an unforgettable reverse seared côte de boeuf using the sear grate or perhaps just the weekly roast chicken using the poultry roaster add on. You will love this system and we're quite confident that Weber® will launch some more awesome cooking toys to add to this system in the near future. 

Slow Cooking
You benefit from a new "Low and Slow" vent setting on this BBQ which helps you in controlling the air flow inside the grill, really useful for maintaining a low temperature. If you're looking to smoke big hunks of meat but don't want to invest in a dedicated smoker just yet, this may just be the grill you've been looking for.

iGrill Ready - Mini & iGrill 2
Another long anticipated and well received launch from Weber® was their iGrill, the gold standard in BBQ thermometers; combining accurate temperature reading with Bluetooth technology, the Weber® iGrill® range was a real game changer in how you cook on your barbecue. Well, you'll be thrilled to learn that this BBQ was redesigned with the iGrill in mind. It now features a handy bracket so you can best utilise the iGrill technology (iGrills are of course sold separately).

And what about the existing features?

You keep them; including the hinged grate flaps, one touch cleaning system, tuck-away lid holder, super high grade porcelain enamelled weather proof lid and bowl (built to last), rust proof aluminium lid vent, all weather wheels, lid thermometer, bowl handle with tool hooks. Not forgetting the Briquette Holders for effortless Indirect Cooking too.

This new Master-Touch perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Weber® BBQ for us at WowBBQ. It's a great grill that you can use to cook virtually anything you can conceive of wanting to cook on a barbecue and it's just so wonderfully easy to use.

So you can slide back the lid (in one smooth action into the lid holder to easily access the full grill area) hang your tools on the integrated handle tool holders, set up your iGrill on the bracket, tip in your fuel into the designated fuel holders and get cooking. Everything has been so well thought out for you by Weber to make your life easier at the BBQ and let you do what you do best.

Technical Info:
1481004 - Black, 14813004 - Slate Blue, 1481004 - Smoke Grey.
107 x 65 x 72 cm - HxWxD
RRP £299.00
0077924085437, 0077924091643, 0077924091636
Charcoal Barbecue