The Picanha Steak has become more readily available recently - no wonder, this piece of meat is fantastically delicious and a kilo of it can be picked up for around £15. This kind of size could feed 4 people and we guarantee, your guests won't be disappointed!

This piece of meat has been popularised with Brazilian influence - it is part of the rump and it contains a nice thick layer of fat on top which melts into the meat to produce a succulent and seriously tasty piece meal! 

There are many ways to cook a Picanha but in this example we seared both sides over direct heat and finished it indirectly until the meat's internal temperature hit 55 celsius - the result, perfectly cooked medium rare steak!

We love to cook this cut on our Weber BBQ's here. This is great off the Weber Master Touch or on your Genesis or Spirit Gas Grills. Check out our video below - we've used the weber Master Touch Charcoal BBQ using Direct Grilling to sear the steak off and then indirect to finsh off bringing it up to tempreture!



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