A BBQ Icon, the Weber® Genesis® has been the quintessential gas grill since 1985.

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Now with a fresh redesign for 2019, full of new innovative features and all backed up with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

You probably already know that you're in safe hands with a Weber Genesis II, the big question is how much food can it handle?

Depending upon the model you choose you could grill for one. two or even fifty.

Choose a two, three, four or six burner model, here is the key information on Genesis II cooking capacity: 

3 Burner Models
4 Burner Models
669 sq in cooking area 844 sq in cooking area





25.84” W x 18.95” D 32.1” W x 18.95” D
12 chicken pieces 16 chicken pieces
15 large sausages 20 large sausages
6 steaks 8 steaks
12 burgers 16 burgers

To better illustrate capacity we've given you some likely food choices but the smaller the cut, the more you can cook at once.

Size is an important consideration when deciding which model of Gas BBQ is right for your needs.

As a general rule of thumb, a two burner best suits couples with limited space, a three burner for the small and growing family, a four burner to feed a crowd and a six burner for even larger numbers. For 2018 the most popular size was the e-310 (three burner).

If you need any more help in choosing from the wide range of Weber Barbecues on offer, be sure to call our friendly team of Weber Experts on 0208 829 8849. WoWBBQ is a Weber World Store (top tier) which means that we have the skills, experience and expertise to help you find the right grill.