Isn't it strange how we use the term "have a BBQ" when we wouldn't say "have an oven", you wouldn't invite your mates round on a fine summers day for "an oven". BBQ is clearly about more than just the type of grill, for many people it's a ritual, an experience to bring together your nearest and dearest.


If you're lucky enough to own a Weber BBQ then you'll know that it's too good to just use on a bank holiday with a crowd, it's your go-to outdoor cooking appliance.


Use your Weber BBQ every day of the week with the Gourmet BBQ System

We believe that using your BBQ can be an every day activity, rather than simply a summer time event.

Weber BBQs are so versatile - there is nothing to stop you cooking your favourite meals outdoors.

For those of us that endure far too many meals like breakfast and lunch chained to our desks, there is an even greater attraction to eat the our favourite meal of the day out in the fresh air. Al fresco beats al desko any day!

You can view the Weber Gourmet BBQ System range here.

Here is a sample menu, seven dinners you can easily cook at home on your BBQ with Weber GBS:

Day 1, Monday - Fajitas

The first day back at work for many and something quick and easy is called for to soothe those Monday night blues.

Season/marinate your meat and veggies on Sunday night so they're waiting in the fridge for you to cook on Monday night.

Use the GBS Wok, a slosh of oil and in goes the meat, sear all over and then throw in the sliced onions and peppers (bulk up with mushrooms if you like).

At the same time when the veg is almost cooked to your liking, grill the wraps directly on the cooking grates to soften up and colour.

Build your fajita wrap with all your favourite sides - grates cheese, sour cream, avocado, guacamole, hot sauce, salsa.

Day 2, Tuesday - Reverse Seared Steak

At WoWBBQ, Tuesday often means Steak for dinner.

For best results choose a thick cut and cook the steak at 150c until roughly 10c away from your preferred doneness, then crank it up as hot as possible to finish. If you're using a charcoal BBQ you'll want to use the GBS Sear grate insert to make #steaktuesday extra special, cast iron ensures optimal searing for a delicious crust and awesome looking char lines.

On a Weber Gas BBQ with cast iron grates you can either do this final stage directly on the cooking grates or use a griddle for a more even crust.

Read more about reverse searing a steak here.

Day 3, Wednesday - Pizza

For something quick and easy for a midnight meal, you can't go far wrong with a Pizza.

Whilst it's best to make your own, a shop bought pizza can still provide a delicious meal. Opt for the thinnest variety you can find for best results as you'll be cooking it hot and fast.

Simply fire up your Weber BBQ and insert the GBS Pizza Stone. The ceramic will help produce a crispy base as you cook at a higher temperature in your BBQ than you would ordinarily achieve in a domestic oven. Mamma mia!

Day 4, Thursday - Smashburgers

That's right, not hamburgers, smashburgers. These are bang on trend at the moment and for good reason.

Ok, so we know this may seem like a bit of cop-out. Typical BBQ fare eh? Well, burgers are always best on a barbecue, the combination of smoke and cast iron really can't be matched on a kitchen hob. And even if you get close, do you really want to fill your kitchen and home with cooking smoke?

Use the GBS griddle for a delicious even crust to your burgers - we recommend you smash them flat with a spatula for really even cooking.

Day 5, Friday - Curry

Friday night is curry night in many households and the Weber Dutch Oven is just the ticket.

With a generous capacity you can dry fry your spices, sear add your meat and veg all in the one dish and then pop on the lid to simmer. Enjoy a few beers while you wait. 

When the curry is ready, grill some naan on the cast iron cooking grates and then tuck in.

Day 6, Saturday - All Day Breakfast

It's finally the weekend, how could you not? This is the stuff that weekends are made for, the great British (or Irish if you're so inclined) fry up.

Use the GBS griddle to fry your eggs and bacon, grill your sausages and black pudding on the grates.

Day 7, Sunday - Roast

Ah the Great British Roast, another institution that must be respected. Utilise the GBS Poultry Roaster for an easy yet succulent roast chicken.

It couldn't be easier, set up your BBQ for indirect (oven style) cooking. Pop the bird atop the poultry roaster, set it and forget it (using an iGrill perhaps).

Come back to a delicious roast chicken.


If you have the time, make this meal even more of a Sunday luxury with the GBS Waffle Iron, (don't knock it until you've tried it) thick sweet Belgian style waffles served with plenty of fresh fruit and cream, delicious!


7 different meals all cooked using one Weber BBQ

With the right Weber accessory there is no limit to what you can cook on your grill.

Whether you have a charcoal BBQ like the Weber MasterTouch or a gas grill like a Spirit II or Genesis II, provided you have GBS cooking grates you can use any Gourmet BBQ System accessory.


Some more meal ideas that we love here at WoWBBQ are:

  • Chili Con Carne in the Weber Wok - recipe.
  • Pad Thai in the Wok - recipe.
  • Moules Marineire in the Dutch Oven (very flash eh! recipe here
  • Meatballs using the Griddle
  • Calzone using the Pizza Stone
  • Stir Fry in the Wok
  • Spicy Creole Prawns in the Dutch Oven
  • Seared Scallops using the Griddle
  • Duck Breast using the griddle
  • Roast duck using the Poultry Roaster
  • Irish Stew in the Dutch Oven
  • Hot dogs with fried onions cooked in the griddle

The current Gourmet BBQ System range currently includes a Griddle, Sear Grate, Pizza Stone, Poultry Roaster, Wok and Steamer, Dutch Oven and last but not least, the Waffle Sandwich iron.

View all of our Weber GBS videos on YouTube.