Oh yes, there is virtually no limit to what you can cook on your BBQ. You've grilled, you've roasted, but have you baked?

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best results.

Maintain Heat Control

It's no surprise that you need to control the heat inside your BBQ to ensure you do not over cook your food. Baking offers a challenge as the temperature requirements are typically more precise. Set up your BBQ for indirect heat (how) and make sure, your BBQ is at the perfect temperature before you start cooking - adding your cakes and bakes before the BBQ is hot could result in cakes not rising. We recommend using an iGrill paired with an ambient probe for a really accurate temperature reading.

Be mindful of cooking surfaces

Now the standard on most Weber Gas BBQs; Cast Iron Cooking Grates are superb for searing a steak as they get fantastically hot and hold their heat but for cooking at a low temperature you should consider elevating your bake away from such a hot surface.

Steel cooking grates which are common on Weber Charcoal BBQs & Kettle Grills perform in a similar way to the rack in your oven and therefore are better suited to baking.

Whichever set of cooking grates you have, we suggest using an overturned grill tray or basket on top of the cooking grate and then adding your baking pan/dish on the top of that (whatever is housing your bake). This method ensures good airflow for an even cook.

If you're looking, you're not... baking.


We always recommend that you barbecue with the lid down for best results. This is especially true when baking.

Opening the lid during your bake will result in lost moisture and heat; this can spoil your food as you need a consistent cooking environment. A well rising cake may collapse.

However, you should turn your cake.. but only once.

That lid needs to stay closed but you will need to open the lid to quickly turn the cake halfway through.

This ensures that all sides of the bake receive similar heat (a quarter turn of a round pan is what we're talking about).

Failure to do so could result in two burnt sides; becoming overcooked on the edges nearest the fire.

As always, when you've created your culinary masterpiece, take a photo and share it with us on social media, We'd love to see it!