The most common complaint we hear about Christmas Turkey is that it's too dry or lacks the flavour of chicken.

Here are a few tips from us to you to prove those naysayers wrong, an early christmas gift if you will. You're welcome.

This will add moisture and the absorbed salt will enhance the natural flavour of the meat.

Diligent use of Weber® Smoking Woods will take your turkey to the next level by infusing a smokey flavour and some lovely savoury aromas too.

Season under the skin
Use plenty of butter to enrich the flavour of the meat.

Get stuffed
Fill up that cavity with your favourite herbs, you can also try fruit and root veg like sweet onions.

Season the skin 
Rub with olive oil and liberally coat with salt, pepper and garlic (and or any other seasonings that take your fancy).

This will add yet another layer of flavour, but be careful as the natural sugars may burn if you're not careful.

Butter or fruit juice directly injected into the meat will add moisture and flavour.

Lots of it, wrapped around the turkey - need we say more?

Using a large drip pan and your favourite liquid to increase the levels of moisture in the atmosphere around the turkey as it cooks on your BBQ. 

The cherry on the cake (the glaze on the turkey?). Brush a sticky sauce on to the outside of the bird just before carving.

Perhaps you've cooked the Christmas Turkey on your Weber Grill before or perhaps you're considering it for the first time.

If you are be sure to read our article on cooking temps and timings here.

However you decide to do your Christmas Turkey year, be sure to use your Weber for best results and when you've created your culinary masterpiece, take a photo and share it with us on social media, We'd love to see it!