We're bringing you another fantastic recipe cooked with our brand new Weber Gourmet BBQ System Dutch Oven; due to be released October 2015.

Our #aroundtheworldin80bbqs tour continues with Greece and a very traditional dish, Lamb Kleftiko!

Wonderfully fragrant lamb infused with lots of garlic, lemon juice and oregano.

Serve with a greek salad, chargrilled pitta bread and tzatsiki for a seriously flavoursome Greek meal.

Lamb 'kleftiko' literally means lamb 'stolen'. Many years ago in Greece; theives would steal a lamb and to avoid being caught, cook a dish like this in an earth oven underground to seal in the heat, flavour and smoke.

Lamb Kleftiko


You will need the following:

  • Salt - Generous pinch
  • Pepper - Generous pinch
  • Fresh chopped or dried Oregano
  • Lamb Shoulder - Approx 2kg
  • White Wine - 250ml
  • Garlic - 1 Large Bulb
  • Lemon - 2 whole
  • Potatoes - 1kg
    (Floury variety like Charlotte or Estima)
  • White Onion - 1 Large
  • Tomato - 1 Large
  • Best Quality Olive Oil


You can use a Gas or a Charcoal Weber BBQ;
We've used the following equipment:

  • Weber Genesis S330
  • Gourmet BBQ System Dutch Oven
  • Gloves
  • Cooking Tongs/Wok Tools
  • Large Weber Drip Trays


  • Peel Garlic cloves and halve.
  • Make cuts into the lamb flesh and stud with the garlic.
  • Coat with a healthy glug of olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano and lemon juice (to taste).
  • Massage the flavours into the lamb and leave to rest (ideally in a sealed bag overnight)

  • Cut your potatoes into halves and thirds - bitesize pieces.
  • Line your dutch oven with parchment paper ready to wrap the kleftiko.
  • Cover the base of parchment paper with potatoes and drizzle over olive oil and seasoning (to taste).
  • Lay the marinated lamb shoulder on top of the potatoes (we've used two lamb shoulder halves).
  • Thickly slice your onions and evenly distribute; roughly chop the tomato and do the same.
  • Pour over some more olive oil, seasoning and a large glass of White Wine.

  • Seal the parchment paper to make a parcel and close the dutch oven with lid to ensure your kleftiko is sealed.


  • Set up your BBQ for indirect roasting on a low heat - around 150 degrees Celcius (find out how here)
  • Leave the dutch oven to work it's magic and cook very slowly - this will take approximately 3 - 3.5 hours; the lamb should be very tender when cooked.

  • That's it! Enjoy your wonderfully fragant and succulent lamb shoulder; practically falling off the bone!
  • Serve with a greek salad, chargrilled pitta bread and tzatsiki for a seriously flavoursome Greek meal.


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