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Big K 10kg Au Natural FSC® Certified Lumpwood Briquette

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  • 100% natural compressed restaurant grade charcoal briquettes and FSC® Certified.
  • Made from wood waste with no binders
  • Ready to cook within 35 minutes with up to 3 hours cooking time
  • Central hole to aid air flow for even burning
  • Best used in combination with Big K’s Chilla-Grilla charcoal
  • Easier to light than regular RCB10
  • Long lasting
  • High heat
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BigK 10kg Au Natural FSC® Certified Lumpwood Briquette

Are you ready to go Au Natural?

If you're searching for a cleaner and more natural charcoal, look no further than Au Natural. This sustainable charcoal briquette is 100% natural offering restaurant grade quality. The specialised manufacturing process means Au Natural is made without binders, so there are no nasty hidden chemicals to spoil the tastes and textures of your food. So how do we produce it? Au Natural starts off life as waste saw dust and wood chips which are then compressed at super high pressures to create moulded hexagonal tubes. Each tube is similarly sized and shaped, meaning each tube delivers the same consistent performance characteristics. Another feature of Au Natural is the central hole in each tube to help with the air flow. These clever voids ensure an even burn across your barbecue, with no hot or cold spots to manage. Dependable and long-lasting, Au Natural produces a cooking time of over 3 hours.

Product Code: RCB10FSC

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