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At we're passionate about Weber BBQs. We've been selling Weber in store since 1990 and online since 2002, it's the only BBQ brand we sell! With decades of hands-on experience both at the grill cooking and in our London based showroom, it's easy to see why we're consistently the UK's leading independent Weber-only online Retailer. Make us your first choice for everything Weber!

But enough about us, let's talk Weber. Why invest in a Weber BBQ?

Weber was founded in 1952 and have led the BBQ market for over 60 years now, amassing in that time a vast and loyal customer base. They've achieved this with a fantastic range of BBQs and accessories that simply perform, time and time again.

Weber's success is backed up by their loyal fan base, rave reviews and of course, a 5 or 10 year limited warranty on all their BBQs.

When you buy a Weber BBQ you are not only buying a fantastic BBQ but you're investing in the peace of mind of knowing that should anything go wrong Weber will look after you and get your BBQ back up and running again in no time. You won't be replacing your BBQ every other year as you might with lesser brands: a Weber BBQ is built to last.

Ok, so I'm ready to invest in a Weber, Which BBQ should I choose?

We understand at that the hardest part of investing in a Weber is narrowing down the right model from the massive range available. Whilst we've done our very best to pack our website full of valuable information, helpful pictures, facts and tips we realise that sometimes the best way to decide is to talk to a member of our team of Weber Experts.

We're here and happy to help, call us on 0208 829 8849.
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Weber Charcoal BBQ

The Weber Charcoal BBQ is THE iconic grill. The unique flavours and taste that are created through grilling on a Charcoal BBQ have made outdoor cooking a favourite pastime all over the globe. A Weber Charcoal BBQ is designed as an all weather unit and built to withstand the harshest of conditions, it never needs to be brought inside. Cook your favourite BBQ foods all year round come rain or shine!

Over the last 60 years Weber have led the market through innovation, perfecting their range of BBQs with some truly revolutionary features like the One Touch cleaning system and new for 2015, the Weber Gourmet BBQ system. Check out the full range of Charcoal BBQs now to see which one is best for you. We've got Compact Kettles for basic direct grilling (your steaks and sausages), classic kettles for all round BBQ cooking and at the top of collection the new MasterTouch and Performer range of stunning models which are packed with features, everything you could possibly want from a Charcoal BBQ.

Weber Gas BBQ

Whilst it's hard to beat the fun of cooking over charcoal, there are a lot of advantages to Gas, mainly convenience: a Gas BBQ from Weber is ready to fire up in minutes, whenever you want to cook. Inclement British weather is no match for the firepower of a Weber Gas BBQ.

Whether you fancy a perfectly cooked whole chicken midweek or a succulent joint of beef for your Sunday Roast, with a Weber Gas BBQ you can create delicious dishes in a snap. A three burner or larger gas BBQ like the Weber Spirit E310, Genesis E330 or any of the Weber Summit range of BBQs allow you to cook via the indirect method with your lid down and control the temperature with a level of ease and precision that would ordinarily demand a great deal of skill on a charcoal BBQ.

As with Charcoal, Weber have revolutionised the Gas BBQ market too with their range of innovative features. Weber flavouriser bars are designed to protect your burner tubes from dripping juices, vaporise fat to add moisture and flavour to your cook, and prevent flare ups to keep your cooking temperatures even. Many of the new 2015 models also feature the new Weber Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) which allows you to cook an even wider array from foods on a BBQ - who would have thought you could cook a stew on your BBQ using the Weber Dutch oven, a Thai curry or Chinese stir fry with the GBS Wok, a full fry up with a GBS Griddle or perfect crisp Neapolitan pizza on the GBS Pizza Stone? The options are endless!

Weber Q BBQ

More than just portables, the Weber Q range offers a stylish and great value alternative to the traditional style of Weber Gas BBQ.

The baby of the Q family, the Weber Q1000 & Q1200 range are absolutely perfect for convenient BBQ grilling on the move. At the beach, in the woods, camping, glamping, wherever. Feed two or ten which this cracking grill, designed with a large capacity porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grate to sear meats to perfection.

The Q Range also features an electric BBQ, the Q1400. Ideal for balconies and premises where the use of gas is prohibited; Don't miss out on the Weber Grilling experience. The top of the range Weber Q3200 is a superb value choice for a family BBQ.

Weber Portable Barbecues

Do you want to take the fun and flavoursome experience of Weber grilling with you wherever you go? Invest in a portable Weber BBQ, packed full of features and still boasting the same 5 or 10 year Weber warranty.

Whether you prefer Charcoal or Gas, there's no need to compromise on an inferior barbecue when you go away and leave your main Weber BBQ at home. The Smokey Joe range, Go anywhere (available in both charcoal and gas) and the new Jumbo Joe are perfectly suited to BBQ'ing out and about, in the great outdoors.

Weber Smokers

Whether you're a seasoned Weber veteran or someone who wants to experiment and try out at some more advanced BBQ fare, Weber Smokers do not disappoint.

The Smokey Mountains truly are the perfect weekend cook or bank holiday barbecue. The time you invest in preparing and cooking a meal on one of these smokers reaps serious rewards, tuck into juicy and tender chicken, slow cooked brisket, the best ribs you've ever had.

Weber Smokey Mountain cookers are now available in three sizes, 37cm for the beginner, 47cm for the general user and the 57cm for the serious Weber enthusiast!