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Posted: Wednesday 27th February2013
Why invest in a Weber BBQ? It is simple. Weber offer a up to 25 year limited warranty on their BBQs so you know that when you buy a Weber BBQ you are not only buying a fantastic BBQ you get the peace of mind in case something goes wrong they are there to get you BBQ back up and working again. It is why you can see the pride in any Weber BBQ owner's face as they know their barbecue is there to stay!

At WowBBQ we understand finding the right barbecue is the hardest part. We make part of the decision easy, we only stock Weber BBQs as they are the best on the market. IF you are unsure about which BBQ to buy or which package is the best value for money simply give us a call on our grilling hotline. We are all Weber Experts so when you talk to us you know the advice we give will work. Our phones are open from 8am to 6pm.

Weber barbecues are the best quality BBQ on the market. For those who are new to Weber, there are a couple of things you should know about before buying a Weber BBQ.

Weber Charcoal BBQ

The Weber Charcoal BBQ Range is the iconic Weber grill. The unique flavours and taste that are created through grilling on a Charcoal BBQ have made outdoor cooking a favourite pastime for many. The Charcoal BBQ from Weber is also designed to withstand the harshest of conditions so it never needs to be brought inside meaning you can cook your favourite joint or the perfect sausage all year round.
Weber have added some fantastic features to its Charcoal BBQ range over the years which have enhanced its design to be the best Charcoal BBQ on the market. While there are many imitations, the Weber Charcoal Grill range is the original and the best.

Weber Gas BBQ

Nothing beats the flavours on a Weber Charcoal BBQ, but did you know you can still get these great flavours on a Gas BBQ? The beauty of Gas is that it is ready whenever you want it (as long as the Gas bottle is full!). You do not need to get Charcoal started to enjoy the great flavours a Weber has to offer. What a lot of people do not know is that you can also cook your joint on a Gas BBQ, which means it can do more than sausages. The Weber Gas BBQ range is built with a sleek design and unmatched quality making it the best Gas BBQ on the market.
Weber have revolutionised the Gas BBQ market through the addition of Flavorizor bars to all of its full size BBQs. These allow flavour to explode back into the food and do not get clogged up like lava rocks. They also sit across the burners meaning they safe guard you from flare ups and the burners don't get full of grease. The Weber BBQ style is always lid closed. Despite what other BBQ experts may say, the Weber lid closed method traps all of your flavours inside the BBQ creating a unique cooking taste. It doesn't matter if it is thin steaks or the largest of joints, Weber BBQs give the best flavour with the lid closed. While the Weber BBQ range may seem expensive compared to other BBQs, Weber Gas barbecues are built to last. They will not rust or fall apart like other BBQs and the Weber guarantee makes buying a Weber BBQ cost effective. You are guaranteed at least 10 years on the major parts of the BBQ which more than any other BBQ on the market. Full size Weber gas barbecues have a 25 year guarantee.

Weber Q BBQ

Are you looking for something different? Something stylish, easy to use and big enough to cook what you want to cook? The Weber Q BBQ range is for you. The BBQ has been revolutionised with this fantastic design from Www. You have options with this Gas bbq that you don't have with a big grill. You can move it around with ease, pack it away and take it camping. You can use a caravan adaptor or disposable Gas canisters which will add freedom and flexibility to your BBQ needs like never before.
As a Gas BBQ, you get to cook quickly and as easily as its big Gas Weber BBQ counterpart but without the hassle of finding a spot to put it in the garden, especially if you don't have a lot of room. If you want a Gas BBQ and want something to complement your impeccable taste and aesthetic garden design, then the Weber Q BBQ is the BBQ for you. All Weber Q barbecues have extra sturdy cast iron cooking grates, giving you a fantastic cooking surface that serves up delicious food!

Weber Portable Barbecues

Do you want to take the fun and flavoursome experience of Weber grilling with you wherever you go? Whether you prefer Charcoal or Gas, there's no need to compromise on an inferior barbecue when you go away and leave your main Weber at home. Weber's Smokey Joe portable barbecues are the answer to those that love charcoal grilling and want to do it on the go. The lid and bowl have the same porcelain enamelled surface as the larger Weber Charcoal Barbecues, so you can be sure that your little Smokey Joe companion is going to stand up to the test of time. The Smokey Joe Premium models also come available in the same great colours as the One Touch barbecues and include a lid lock which enables easier carrying, and doubles up as a lid holder when cooking.
If you prefer the convenience of gas, but still wish to grill on the go, the Q120 portable models are the answer. These little barbecues run off disposable gas cylinders, but still pack a mighty punch to cook your lunch!

Weber Speciality BBQs

Whether you're a serious Weber enthusiast, or someone who wants to experiment and try out at some more advanced cooking, Weber's Speciality range doesn't disappoint.
The 47 and 57cm Smokey Mountain barbecues are the perfect weekend or bank holiday barbecue. The time you invest in preparing and cooking a meal on one of these barbecues reaps glorious benefits when you tuck into the most juicy and tender chicken or ribs. Smokey Mountain barbecues are all about slow cooking and loads of flavour.

Weber also have the Ranch Kettle, for cooking up a feast for a crowd. This enormous barbecue can easily cook for 30 people at once.