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Weber Accessories

Complement your barbecue with an awesome range of Weber accessories. Please be aware not all Weber accessories will fit all Weber barbecues, so check on the more information page to make sure the accessory you are looking at fits your barbecue.

We have the entire range of Weber accessories in stock. Your Weber barbecue can cook anything. Ever thought of trying pizza, stir-fry, or even chocolate brownies or a sponge cake? Whatever it is you need to complement your Weber barbecue, or help you to cook up the dream meal; we can help you find it. Just call us on 0208 829 8849.

Charcoal Accessories

We have the entire range of Weber accessories in stock to go with your charcoal BBQ. Break away from the norm of burnt sausages and burgers. Use a chimney starter to get your charcoal lit and ready to cook on in half the time, then use the charcoal fuel holders to grill indirectly. Who said cooking joints on a barbecue would be too much hassle?

Gas Accessories

Gas Grilling matches convenience with amazing flavour. These accessories will help give you the perfect grilling or roasting experience. Team up an audible thermometer with a roast holder and a leg of lamb, and your food will tell you when it is ready whilst you are relaxing with a cold beverage. You can also smoke on a gas barbecue using and a smoker box. If you are unsure, give it a whirl with the Firespice Trial Kit!

Q Accessories

Weberís Q Range is funky and stylish, so your accessories should be too! You can find everything you need here to go with your barbecue. Q Barbecues are made for grilling on the go, so you can find your disposable gas and adapter kits here as well. Our Weber Experts are just a phone call away should you need any advice.

Style Accessories

Weberís style accessories will transform you into a grilling pro, in appearance at the very least! These accessories are beautifully designed and crafted to a higher spec to give you ultimate BBQ satisfaction. Pair up a Weber Style Grilling Tray or Vegetable Basket with a Style Salt or Pepper Grinder to do delicious grilled asparagus with spiced sea salt.

Charcoal and Wood

Youíve got a Weber Charcoal BBQ so make sure you use Weber Briquettes! Cheap fuel smells of chemicals, infusing your food with these flavours as well as burning very quickly. On the other hand Weber Briquettes burn for 240 minutes and can be relit if they havenít been burnt out yet. We also stock Weber smoking chips and chunks in a variety of flavours so thereís no excuse not to experiment!